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Welcome to the Silver Prospector. Within these pages you will find a myriad of culminated information pertaining to Silver and its unique charicteristics.

The Silver Prospector
A prospectors' work is not unlike any great craftsman's endeavor, because every tendon, muscle and joint will be tested, as every ounce of energy is poured into this labor of love. Likewise, somewhere during the adventure mental stress will create questions, such as - what am I looking for, is jeopardizing life and limb worth the effort and what is the desirable conclusion? Some of the possible answers might be - simply enjoying the splendor of nature, the thrill of finding nifty specimens or the excitement of discovering a mineral deposit that will be beneficial to one and all.


Created (8-09) by Jon Vance, Elephant Butte, NM

In my opinion Jon has captured the essence of humor all prospectors face. Joseph Cummins

Copyright 2012

Photomicrographs of Solid Silver Metal Crystals