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Assaying WWW’s 

 Before exploring this substance try to focus upon the correlation of what you think you see when admiring a magnificent rock and a spectacular website (WWW). Also, keep in mind how unpredictable the results of assaying rocks are prior to beneficial use. Thus, the purpose of assaying dotcoms appearing to be content rich begins.

There’s probably a thousand ways to analyze this anomaly, but starts by grinding and concentrating this malleable composition into as few words possible.

Obviously www’s (websites) containing metals and mining are recognized by their formations; but, lately I’ve noticed the luster of these prized apexes are fading. Furthermore, I am beginning to wonder if some of these virtual specimens are not actually like what the dying propaganda loaded newspapers did to fool inquiring minds. Therefore, adjusting the field of view ought to allow better perspectives and not succumb to preliminary expectations that lead to frustrating dead ends.

Change is usually slow till it comes knocking, then it’s either modify or risk becoming a leaverite. Such an occurrence happened in 1984 when a prominent business magazine boldly portrayed “The Death of Mining”. Unfortunately, few paid heed to this scoria that has become today’s economic dross. To verify how this past perception has alloyed the future read the 2008-09 Fraser Institute’s survey. (

New technology is seldom willingly or quickly adopted. For instance, back in the 80’s a well known chemical company introduced Amborane #345 resins that would revolutionize precious metal extraction. Sadly, this innovative product was pulled from the market, because, as an engineer for the company told me the industry was not ready to embrace hi-tech. Needless to say – if future mines are to be discovered prospectors must utilize that vast warehouse of knowledge—their minds. Like it or not, as minerals become harder to locate and crippling regulations threaten American mining with extinction prospectors can no-longer rely upon the so-called tried and true methods of identification or liberation of valuable resources.

Another illustration how change and success are intermingled—not long ago a $10,000,000 reward ( was offered to anyone who could economically unlock silver trapped in a silica matrix. Unfortunately, being tied to the past and unable to clearly recognize the tomorrow’s it’s been easier to crush the same rocks expecting different results. For instance – today’s ludicrous concept is that the world has finite resources such as “peak oil”. Naturally, such an innuendo would be hilarious if the ignorant weren’t buying this debris. Of course, this myth is actually an insult, because it insinuates we lack the mental ability to unlock the vast array of minerals underfoot. So, when examining www’s are they helping create new discoveries or destined to history’s dustbin when their deposits (readers) peeder-out?

Dynamite replaced black powder like the internet is substituting traditional media. Obviously, the internet could not succeed if demand wasn’t craving new ways of filtering and capturing data, which is precisely the same event facing the mineral industry. Despite this reality, www’s seem to be oblivious as to how precarious their pioneering perches are, because if they don’t leap across intellectual precipices they too face replacement. Therefore, if www’s are going to successfully develop the precious banks of wise savers it seems prudent they prove-up their content.

It’s bad enough that the general public is deaf, dumb and blind about the elements, but it’s inexcusable for WWW’s to not be exposing the outrageous propaganda leveled at mining. In other words – are WWW’s so preoccupied with their own immediate wants that America’s future is of no concern? Or, what I am beginning to be suspicious of—are the majority of metallic WWW’s actually promoting anti-civilization propaganda?

Prospectors and miners know that a rock’s value is always associated with contaminates. Likewise, mineral enthusiasts easily recognize the green unambiguous green www’s that display their contempt for harvesting minerals. However, what’s a mining friendly www worth dependent upon? Is it viewers, advertisers, products, services or something else? To aid in rendering an accurate assessment as to the value of any www asserting to be pro-mining the following questions deserve careful scrutiny.

1. why do www’s post so-called news articles that undermine the integrity of mining?

2. why don’t www’s rebut the constant green attacks that utilize the non-scientific words—may, might or could to justify their anti-mining crusade? It’s absolutely amazing that these 3 words are not being exposed for the contaminates they are to obtaining an accurate analysis. These 3 words contaminate practically all so-called empirical analysis and when I bring this to the attention of www’s I never get a reply. Is striving for purity is a lost cause or is intentional confusion the intent?

3. why do www’s post articles describing free individual miners and prospectors as illegal, polluters, poachers and irresponsible? And, why aren’t www’s challenging the wild accusations that miners are raping the land or stealing resources?

4. why haven’t www’s explained that African prospectors who eek-out a living harvesting diamonds are not creating so-called “blood or conflict diamonds”? Furthermore, why don’t www’s explain why the large diamond mining companies are referred to as"legitimate" whereas anyone else is somehow illegal?

5. why aren’t www’s defending coal extraction and the power companies that use this inexpensive source of energy? Why aren’t www' explaining the truth about and the real costs of the cap and trade carbon tax relating to so-called dirty energy?

6. why don’t www’s expose the truth about the abundance of oil reserves right here in America? Is it possible the owners of some www's don’t want America independent by developing these resources? Why don’t www’s explain the reality of so-called peak minerals or metals, which, with a little research shows this is a perpetrated hoax? Clearly, this mindset is either based upon the lack of applied technology and has occurred throughout recorded history or intentional stealth. Obviously the easy pickins of a 1000 years ago are long gone, but to suggest that abundance has disappeared is a flat-out lie. Example: a hundred years ago there were plentiful sulphide ores, but smelters didn’t want this type of ore, so many deposits were not exploited, but have become today’s bonanzas. In other words what was not valuable has become exploitable and most likely this scenario will continue as humans alter their mental landscapes to fit their needs.

7. why don’t www’s define what “unsustainable resource extraction” actually means and reveal the insidious nature of this misconception?

8. why aren’t www’s asking why the state environmental bureaucracies that claim to know so much are not aiding with their extensive expertise in mineral extraction instead of issuing a constant barrage of strangling regulations?

9. why aren’t www’s demanding explanations as to why tax supported universities are not developing innovative technology for harvesting minerals? Are universities infiltrated with anti-American green teachers?

10. why haven’t www’s explained that mining natural resources is what advances civilization? 

11. why aren’t www’s describing how locking-up natural resources with wildernesses, trails and energy/animal corridors is creating dependence upon foreign sources? Notice how the NM BLM director praised the latest land lockup that is to save and protect.

My question has always been –  protect the land against what—the people who own the land? Could it be that natural resources are known to exist in these protected lands and those who despise mineral extraction or giant miners not wanting more compeition are  thrilled with each lockup? Furthermore, why isn’t the BLM’s www displaying any pro-mining information? Is it possible this  agency is anti-mining when their historical roots were nourished by the minerals?

12. are www’s afraid of the anti-mining community? Example: why would a www that is seemingly pro-mining post this obvious anti- American-mining data?

13. are www’s afraid of the international miners that don’t want competition and lower commodity prices? Maybe the www’s are scared that big-boy advertising revenues will become barren if they don’t toe-the-line? If so, what value do these dotcoms have?

14. why aren’t www’s promoting metals and mining? Likewise why aren’t the state mining associations discussing America’s metal dependence upon foreign sources? At least the National Mining Association has useful and relevant information available.

15. Compounding the unchecked anti-mining pollution is a 2009 stimulus earmark that spends hundreds of billions to remove all traces of past mining activity, known as the “Abandoned Mine Land Initiative”. From my view, we all should be wondering why the need to eradicate and lock-up all visible reference of our culture of self-reliance? And, as if the foregoing is not bad enough the anti- human forces are insulting our intelligence with their anti-1872 Mining Act legislation that will effectively eliminate mining in America. What could the purpose be by destroying our self-reliant independence? I ask again—why are www’s staying mum about our  dangerous dependence upon foreign mineral resources?

16. why should anyone put their hard-saved capital at risk when www’s don’t or won’t defend mining? Exploration capital is drying-up like the Sahara desert, which I believe is due to intentional mis-information and/or the lack of truthful reporting. This nation used to be inspirational, but, now we face decline because we refuse to stop the anti-mining agenda.

17. bottom line – if www’s were weighed would they be found wanting? I believe real assets are the minds of men who unleash the binding chains of minerals into metals that when repositioned give rise to new forms of freedom and prosperity. Thus, part of the solution is for communities that have traditionally contained commercial metals to recognize that their future is proportional to utilizing what they walk upon. Although the political landscape is not favorable for mineral beneficiation, nature abhors a vacuum. So, instead of bridges to nowhere why not tunnels to prosperity?

These prior questions are similar to the enigma as to what came 1st the chicken or egg? In the book of Genesis the elements were first. Likewise, Genesis 2:8 indicates prosperity came before hard times. So to avoid continuing these difficulties let’s shed ourselves of the anti-human garbage by re-establishing our roots, which has always been under our feet

In my opinion www’s should be intellectual catalysts piercing the gap between swinging from trees and spontaneous civilization. Of course understanding this type of reaction requires historical knowledge, like found in Agricola’s 1556 book De Re Metallica, translated from Latin to English by Herbert Hoover describing how mining propelled humans through time.

It’s said that if a lie is told often enough it becomes a truth. For instance: everyone knows with absolute certainty that Lead is so toxic that it must be banned from the human environment. Similar attacks suggest Lead mines are hazardous to land, water and air. Fortunately, for those who can still think—how have humans managed to survive and thrive if Lead mines were so dangerous? For a historical perspective merely type in Lead in the De Re Metallica search box ( and see for yourself how yesteryear’s anti-mining rhetoric is being re-applied today.

If Herbert Hoover in 1900 could see what was happening to America’s mining activity what’s wrong with our eyes or is what’s in plain sight too bold to recognize? This quote is taken from the footnote pages 82-86 in De Re Metallica.
The miner was simply a sort of tributer to the Crown, loaded with an obligation when upon private lands to pay a further portion of his profits to the landlord. He held tenure only during strenuous operation. However, it being necessary to attract skilled men, they were granted many civil privileges not general to the people; and from many of the principal mining towns " free cities" were created, possessing a measure of self-government. Is it possible that as the economy continues plummeting that free cities could again spring up? And the powerful predictive conclusion reads:  “It is not our purpose to follow these inquiries into mining law beyond the i5th century, but we may point out that with the growth of the sentiment of individualism the miners and landlords obtained steadily wider and wider rights at the cost of the State, until well within the 19th century. The growth of stronger communal sentiment since the middle of the last century has already found its manifestation in the legislation with regard to mines, for the laws of South Africa, Australia, and England, and the agitation in the United States are all toward greater restrictions on the mineral ownership in favour of the State.”

There’s an old saying—those who know how will have a job and those who know why will be the boss. So, if we want support freedom we must examine the why’s or face sustained mental, economic and physical poverty.

I could go on and on, but if www’s won’t clarify their foundation then why do we pay them visits? Surely, there is no higher calling than defending the freedom that resides in the common ground we all share? Hopefully, the great writers within the WWW community will recognize their contaminates and start representing the difference between the real deal and fool’s gold.

Ephesians 6:12   For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Joseph Cummins

Created: 04/07/2009