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Colloidal Silver


In a litigious society the name of the game is blame, where the wizards of law invite the inflicted victims into their dens of righteousness. In other words – some people find it easier to point an accusing finger rather than accept responsibility of their actions. Consequently, this new classification of victimology is designed to economically kill by diagnosing worthwhile developments as parasitical. Thus, for this reason, many entrepreneurs decide to withhold information in fear that a few minuses will destroy all the positives. On the other hand and from my position telling the truth, at least as I understand it is foundational and should be emphasized in the beginning stages of any undertaking. Sadly, it seems that few people know the truth about anything, but, truth is nevertheless the bedrock on which the future rests, and I can see no logical or ethical reason to obscure it. Therefore, what I write herein is to the best of my knowledge accurate.

In addition, nothing contained herein should be construed to suggest that I am encouraging or discouraging the making of or the use of Colloidal Silver, which will be henceforth abbreviated as "CS". In my opinion, each person must come to his/her own conclusions as to whether CS is or is not something of value. Therefore, after a reasonable amount of due-diligence (investigation) is completed and comprehension of the risks and rewards relating to the subject of CS are evaluated, then, perhaps continued reading will be of some aid. Also, please try to keep in mind that what I have provided herein are my experiences and should not be considered relevant to or for anyone else.

Everything written herein about CS is for information purposes only. By continuing to read what I have written you accept the fact that any act of making and using CS is 100% your idea and in no way has this web site advised you to make or use CS.

As time and circumstance permits I will endeavor to make this web site better organized, as well as occasionally updating with related data.

A New Beginning

Long ago, when I first heard about CS I was much younger and in good youthful health. So, I decided that CS was for the feeble minded or the ill who in desperation seek-out and use any quack medicine. After all, didn't some of the most respected and wise 19th & 20th people use Cocaine derivatives to cure all their aches and pains?

Years later, despite my previous CS skepticism and health becoming an issue I started investigating the possibilities of CS. As I prospected the online data I quickly found myself knee deep in a sea of speculation. There is so much information available and such a panorama of claims that I found myself hopelessly mired in confusion.
I visited several health food stores and discreetly asked managers/owners what they thought about the CS they were selling for 20 to 40 dollars per little brown bottle. I must say – I was not impressed with most of the sales oriented opinions. But, I reminded myself – everything any silver-tongued peddler sells will cure just about every known ailment. Now, don’t pounce on me for being too harsh because I am not actually criticizing health food stores, just indicating the reality that few people really know what they sell. In spite of so much health ignorance, if it were not for these entrepreneurial health food outlets we'd all be marching to the beat of corporate drug drummer.

Then, one day, while still seeking online data I ran across a short, easy to understand article that convinced me to at least spend a little time and a few bucks and try to make this so-called magic elixir. Thus, began a journey I am still eagerly traveling.

Biblical scripture says silver is good and I have long believed in the powers of silver to heal the economy. But, could this new form of silver really help a cynic like me get an upper hand on health? After jumping in head-over-heels into this pilgrimage I found looming questions that still threatens to consume me intellectually. For instance: Just exactly what is CS and why does silver do what it does in this water medium?

As I aged it became quite apparent that there distinct economic advantages of avoiding illnesses, which becomes paramount for those who have reached their silver and golden years. If CS really works perhaps I could dodge a devastating disease and thus avoid financial ruin, as well as keep what precious quality of life I have left to enjoy roaming this world. So, I quit hesitating and began my first few steps into the realm of the unknown, where quackery and fraud lurk to snare the unwary. Besides, what did I have to lose? After all - nothing ventured nothing gained. Therefore, via curious rationalization I justified the time and expense of crawling upon this new path.

Most of us realize that weather plays a significant role in our daily lives, but fail to recognize how microbes influence us each and every day. Similarly, most of us know that health and cleanliness go hand in hand. So, the challenge is - how to get clean and stay healthy? Although baths and showers have become a daily ritual - the question becomes - is it the water, the cloth or the perfumed soap that sheds dirt and odor? Obviously, all three are connected to scrubbing body grime away. Yet, in spite of huge strides in personal hygiene we still get sick and stink.

We are constantly exposed to a garden variety of harmful bacteria. There is no safe place to get away from these ravenous creatures. Consequently, being clean has long been an important issue for me. A few years ago I wrote a couple essays, which I thought, might help others, especially professional drivers grasp the concept of critters always waiting to hitch a ride, and if you visit these two sites I am sure you can recognize the importance of cleanliness that most of take for granted. Dangerous 4wheelers --- www.accu-thump.com/peeves.html#damgerous & It's the Little Things that Count --- www.accu-thump.com/at-littlethings.html

The usual claim is that CS (zillions of tiny particles of silver metal suspended in water) is a remedy for both internal and external diseases. Regardless of the variety of printed words I needed to prove to myself that CS was not only safe, but also effective at controlling the hoards of bacteria constantly prowling my body, before I too stood on the CS discovery alter.

After rounding up the necessary items at the Mart, Hardware, Shack and Grocery store I began assembling this contraption. This adventure seemed ludicrous - it's too easy! How could something this simple be of such significance for enhanced health and/or why hadn't the legions of smart people within the scientific community been shouting from the roof tops about the miracles of CS?

My final act of assembly was to place two .999 silver coins on the inside and opposing rims of a drinking glass. To keep these coins in place I used alligator clamps to both make an electrical connection, as well as clamp each coin to the inside walls of the glass. Next, I filled the glass with distilled water almost to the rim, but stopped short of contacting the alligator clamps holding the silver coins. Immediately it became obvious, that due the alligator clamps holding the silver rounds against the opposing sides of the glass that only about half of each electrode (round bullion or coin) covered by the water that I was not going to have a large amount of surface area exposed to electrical current. Nevertheless, it was time to turn this gadget on and see what happened.


Before getting too far ahead of myself, I'd better add - when making CS - maintaining hygienic principles, such as thoroughly washed hands, a clean level area and all parts of the CS generator thoroughly washed and rinsed it is paramount to avoid as much contamination as practical. Proceeding – it only took a few minutes with the air pump running to notice that when the air bubbles reached the surface that they popped and slopped water everywhere including upon the alligator clamps. Naturally, I was not only creating a mess, but also contaminating the distilled water due to the air bubbles splashing water upon the chrome plated alligator clips. Common sense indicates that this was no way to make CS. Despite this obvious problem I nonetheless allowed this first batch of CS to continue in order to see what else I liked or disliked. Five hours later I had my first 8 ounce batch of CS.



Prior to making the 2nd batch of CS I took these same silver bullion coins to the workbench and after cleaning them I hammered one side of each till I had a long thin flat area. Then, after sanding & polishing each to remove any steel contaminates I bent the hammered portions in such a way so that each coin could fit and rest on opposing rims of drinking glass. With this new configuration the alligator clamps would now be positioned outside the glass away from splashing air bubbles. Thus, another glassful of CS was started and created.


After making several batches of CS I was beginning to get ideas as to how to improve upon this Garden of Eden widget. Furthermore, due to my limited knowledge of electro-winning/plating it was clear that I clearly needed to improve upon this crude design?

Pictures Showing Development of CS System Click Here

    As I continued wading into the unknown and watching my experiments the following questions became of increasing concern.
    Am I really making CS?
    What is the concentration?
    Is it barren or saturated?
    What are the limits of saturation of the water with silver ions?
    How can I measure?
    What is the quality?
    How can I measure?
    What's the difference between what I am making and that found in health food stores?
    Is there an easier, better or more reliable way to make CS?
    What's the difference between the clear and the yellow forms of CS?
    Which is best? .
    Should I be concerned about contamination while making CS?
    How clean should I and the surroundings be?
    Why use a clear glass jar instead of metal or plastic?
    What size glass jar to contain the most practical amount of water that will make most amount of CS in shortest time period?
    Why use a plastic screw top lid?
    What's wrong with metal?
    Why not use standard 1800's silver dollars that are 90% silver?
    What type of silver bullion is best?
    What is the difference between the various "nines" stamped on the bullion and does it really matter?
    What are the impurities within the various forms of so-called pure silver?
    Is there purer silver available than three or four nines?
    Are there configurations that might be better than typical electrode designs?
    How large (width, length and thickness) should the electrodes be?
    How far apart should the electrodes be and does it matter?
    What is the optimum surface area.
    Why should I buy and use distilled water?
    How pure is distilled water and is all distilled water the same quality?
    Are there impurities in distilled water?
    Will these impurities form unsafe complexes with the CS and if so, what would these be and what could it mean to my health?
    There was a time I could readily buy triple distilled water. Now, I cannot find it anywhere, what is an acceptable alternative?
    Perhaps I ought to consider making my own distilled water.
    How clean is my tap or well water? Why couldn't I use this source of water instead of buying distilled water?
    Do I really need pumped air to agitate or circulate the water as the electrical current is passing through the water to and from the electrodes?
    What type of air pump should be used to pump air into water?
    What amount of volume of air should be pumped into the water?
    Should I regulate the flow of air bubbles being pumped?
    Where should these air bubbles be directed and escape?
    What happens when I don't use air?
    Should this air be filtered to remove unwanted air borne contaminates?
    How clean should the air be?
    Does it matter what the room temperature is before making CS?
    Can I speed up the process by elevating room/water temperature?
    What kind of DC power should be used to make CS?
    Why use a AC/DC power unit?
    How many volts should I be using?
    Is there a minimum and maximum amount of voltage?
    How long should this DC voltage be applied?
    Can I use AC instead of DC power to make CS?
    Should the DC power be by batteries or a AC/DC power transformer and what's the difference?
    Why do people use battery power to make CS?
    Can I safely drink what I make?
    What can I do to prove to myself that CS is beneficial without taking too many risks?
    What are the benefits?
    When reading about CS how can I tell the difference between hype, accuracy, truth and fiction?
    Are there any possible undesirable side effects?
    What's the difference between yellow or clear CS?
    What types of instruments should I have to gauge my progress?
    Is a Laser light beam to indicate amount of CS made/present something of value?
    Should I employee a hand held meter to determine Voltage, mAmps, Current/Resistively & Ohms? What advantage does this type of meter give me in determining conductivity and or what the resistivity is, of, before, during and at conclusion of making CS?
    Is Litmus Paper a good way to gauge the pH of water before, during and after making CS?
    Is gauging the acidity of my distilled water important? Should I purchase a pH meter instead of using litmus paper? How accurate is this instrument and does it require constant calibration?
    How many ppm's (parts per million) should there be in CS (5ppm, 20ppm, 40ppm or more)? Should I purchase a ppm meter? How accurate is a ppm a meter and does it require constant calibration?
    Where should I store my CS?
    What type of container should I keep my CS in?
    How long will my CS last?

As important as all the questions are I still cling too: Why would I want to make & use CS? No sooner had this fundamental question emerged from some unfathomable depth than the other half of this equation shouted – if CS works should I tell anyone about my good fortune? Thus, the purpose of this webpage sprung into existence in the year 2002 at Accu-Thump.

As I prospect for Truth and getting on in years it is hard to justify numerous trips to doctors or utilizing their expensive diagnostic procedures ever time I catch a bug. Plus, even though these professional have knowledge I don’t and not ever likely to acquire, doctors are as human as I am and make errors. If this was not the case why do they all have the word practice on their entrance doors? Similarly, I always found it chilling when a doctor says “I’ll see ya” and if I didn’t say the words I thought’m – I sure hope not! Therefore, not desiring to be another statistical entry in their ledger, I ask myself – what am I to do in these less than friendly physical and financial circumstances? For me, the answer was, is and continues to be to make and use CS, while learning as much as possible about this wonderful liquid.

Fortunately, the Internet has brought us all an efficient way to search for answers for the encompassing questions that plague us all. Therefore, I sincerely hope that some of the information contained herein will be useful in the quest for quality health.

After a few weeks of making and using CS with my original crudely formed silver electrodes it became unmistakable that I needed a unit that not only functioned on the principle of simplicity, but with major improvements.

I tried many different ways to refine what I began with, but first on the agenda was to find a better container. I visited many stores looking for suitable glassware. I tried various plastic jugs, but felt that these were not inert enough and might interfere with the electrical charge of the ultra fine silver particles. After buying and utilizing several sizes of jugs I settled upon a one-quart glass jar full of mustard at the local grocery store for only a buck. I chose this jar for the reason that it was glass and had a hard flat plastic lid. I originally wanted a glass lid, but these were not to be found. So, I decided that a food grade plastic lid would satisfy my requirements. This lid would contain any splashing caused by the air bubbles and also be a convenient place to position electrodes without any electrical interference.

My next step revolved around making a variety of electrodes that could be used with this plastic lid. I knew from my limited knowledge of electro-winning/refining and plating that electrodes functioned best when they had large surface areas. By understanding this early 1900's technology I began hammering out a variety of shapes and sizes of possible electrodes from my supply of silver bullion bars.



No matter how sophisticated I made these shapes one problem always kept surfacing, which was how to clean these shapes after a batch of CS? As is always the case - simplicity at the top of chart. So, I settled upon 4 inch long narrow flat plates that had a bent tong which protruded through the lid, which the alligator clamps could easily be attach to.

By now I was giving away small amounts of CS to friends and I could see a logistical problem developing. How was I going to make enough of this magic water? Obviously, the solution to this predicament was to make electrodes for my friends who could start making their own CS. But, although this electrode design was close to what I wanted - how could I efficiently and economically hammer for hours to consistently get the same shape? The answer was to seek out someone who had equipment to cast uniform electrodes via the lost wax method.

After finding a man who would do the casting the first set of electrodes were made and worked better than expected. Unfortunately, they were very soft, too thin and would easily bend when I attempted to clean them. Even though I lightly hammered to stiffen these silver strips, but not enough to cause deformation it was apparent that further improvement was required.

A major problem was the part of the cast silver that stuck through the plastic lid, which I had expoxied on the top side of the lid. These protrusions, which I referred to as tongs would get loose in the epoxy and easily bend during cleaning. Thus, I resolved to solve this immediate problem by reinforcing the tongs, so there would be less chance of flexing at the point where the electrodes were epoxied to the lid. It did not take a genius to recognize these electrodes were still inferior to what I wanted, so I had to find a way to improve upon this simple design.

Fortunately, while visiting a friend, his son proved the simple answer. As soon as I could I rounded up the parts and had a new set of electrodes cast. As is always the case, what seemed to be simple was not, and several attempts were conducted before success was realized. Finally, though, not a lot of further research was required to improve upon this basic design and I could now either give away or maybe even sell these new and unique electrodes.


Prior to making and using CS I had problems with controlling underarm odor. I had quit using store bought antiperspirants because they caused either a rash or irritating sores. What better way to prove to myself whether or not CS is an effective way to control bacteria than by applying liberal amounts of CS to my underarms?

After several weeks I became convinced that CS stopped my underarm odor. Furthermore, I was unable to detect any adverse effects. As a result, for me, if CS does not do anything else but kill the bacteria that causes armpit odor I am more than pleased and financially a winner. A close friend who makes his own CS uses a spray bottle to dowse his underarms and claims that odor stays away all day under strenuous working conditions.

It is reported that one or more people have turned gray from drinking colloidal silver. Maybe so, but when I read all the various www’s relating to this condition known as
Argyria I consider the source as to why this type of information is being displayed.

Nevertheless, it would be awful to be colored gray despite the fact that this is essentially a cosmetic effect of their questionable actions. The logical question that should be asked, instead of condemning the use of CS is – why and how did this skin condition come about? It seems obvious to me that some are interested in painting a doom and gloom scenario to further their own prestige on the backs of the ignorant. For instance – few talk about how silver salts that are toxic, which are silver nitrate and silver chloride, and the bromides and iodides of silver. Furthermore, on the topic of turning gray those who bad mouth silver, as if they know everything or want you to think they do is that some commercial CS is bottled with a protein binder that may have originated from some amount of silver nitrate, and believe it or not a little arsenic. Why, anyone would drink this concoction is beyond me! Why a human would drink this sort of brew strongly hints of a severe case of ignorance or utter stupidity. As a result, the doom and gloomer’s lump all CS together as being pure crap and should be avoided at all costs. Maybe, someone suggested that those who supposedly turned gray from drinking questionable was just as ignorant or had an non-beneficial agenda for the consumer. I, for one seldom take much of what I see, read or hear as being 100% accurate. It takes me a long time to make up my mind, and to be as sure as possible I prefer to do my own research and thereby make up my own mind after careful review of all the facts I can accumulate.

The claim by some anti-CS’rs has been that modern-day antibiotics will solve all the problems. The trouble is these wondrous drugs have also apparently created super bugs that will eat the flesh off the body before one’s eyes, and is a present scourge that threatens all who enters a hospital.

It is also being reported that silver is toxic, that it can build up in certain organs or cause cancer. Wild claims like these deserve scrutiny and should be assessed as real or bogus only after through study. If the foregoing was only 1% accurate, we’d all be dead, because we all consume silver in the foods we eat and the water we drink or from the silverware we used to eat with or the coins we used to purchase with. From what I’ve been able to assemble about 1% to 4% of the silver ingested is permanently retained in the body, and is distributed relatively evenly throughout the tissues including the organs, while the vast majority of silver is excreted in the feces. A long time ago I used to hear that figures don’t lie but liar’s figure. Finally, on this issue – silver is the best conductor of electricity, so, I wonder how the cells would communicate to allow us to function mentally and physically if silver was absent from our bodies?

After giving away CS that I made to very close friends reports began to trickle back indicating that a whole host of skin ailments (pimples, itching irritating rashes, gruesome funguses, etc.) were being miraculously eradicated. One friend said his deteriorating gums returned to a state of youthful health. For me, it is pure joy and music to my ears when friends say that CS was making a significant difference in their daily lives.

After a few more weeks of experimentation I concluded that CS is not only simple to make, but an inexpensive form of health and possible life insurance? Furthermore, I now have a better handle on my future and not totally be at the mercy of all the various sorts of infectious agents of despair, as well as the art work displayed in the medical houses of pain.

I always kinda wondered what it would be like to wear a suit of silver armor, now I am beginning to get a picture of the potential benefits. If CS armor only helps a tiny bit - what could this mean to the bottom line of my economic and physical well being?

By this time I still had many unanswered questions, and the really important one – is CS really safe to drink? Despite all the glowing reports I had this nagging suspicion that no matter how pure the silver and distilled water is that my stomach acid might create unacceptable molecular forms of silver. So, before I actually drink CS I began conducting a battery of tests (microscopic examinations) to prove to myself that I won't be slowly poisoning myself.

To begin making a batch of CS from scratch I prepare a clean dry flat place to host the air pump, AC/DC power unit, Glass Jar with lid and attached electrodes, Meters, pH paper, Thermometer, Laser light and adequate supply of distilled water.

My hands have been thoroughly washed and then rinsed in distilled water, but when I remember and not too lazy I use disposable latex surgical gloves during all procedures.

The silver electrodes are cleaned by first wiping them off with a dry paper towel. Then they are washed with soap & water and scrub brush in tap water to shed most of any lingering residue from previous batch of CS. They are then dried with a paper or cloth towel. Next, each electrode is carefully scrubbed with 0000 steel wool, but not so hard to badly bend them. Finally, each electrode is washed again in tap water, thoroughly dried and rinsed well in distilled water. Of course, my hands are always dried and rinsed in distilled water after each exposure to tap water and contaminates, such as steel wool that will cling to fingers. A note of caution is required because the steel wool has a nasty habit of trying to burrow into fingers, so wearing surgical gloves is an added safety measure. When brewing a batch of CS the silver particles are detached away from one electrode and is attracted to the opposite electrode, but this action causes or creates microscopic pits. The silver particles cling to these pits and I have found that steel wool removes them better than anything else I have tried. After the jar and lid have been thoroughly washed and adequately dried with a followed rinse, the electrodes are attached to lid and rinsed again

Before adding the distilled water to the quart jar I check the pH of the water. Then I fill the glass jar to within 1/8th to ¼ inch from top rim of jar. This allows room for the trapped air to escape without building up too much pressure and causing water to be forced out of lid.

Often, before attaching the power supply alligator clamps to the submerged electrodes I check the distilled water's conductivity. By doing so, I can determine both a starting and a finishing reference point. Note: I've found that all store bought distilled water is not the same. Thus, the conductivity varies widely from one bottle to another, especially between different brands. In addition, and after many trials I have concluded that using a Universal AC/DC 300 mA power supply should be set at 6volts DC. I have noticed that the power sources (AC/DC transformers) have higher outputs than stated, so another reason to use a volt meter to know within acceptable limits what kind of power is being utilized. For instance: all my 6V power supply units have been putting out 8 to 9VDC. The variable power units have consistently showed about 1.5 to 3 more volts than what is indicated for when set at 6 and 9V settings. Case in point: the 12V setting is registering 19V on my voltmeter.

When the alligator clamps are connected to the electrodes and the power applied I always clean and rinse or at least wipe off the airline prior to inserting into lid and jar. I have noticed that if I leave this clear plastic airline in the water after a batch of CS has been made it will turn brown to blackish. This is silver being deposited, which indicates that the plastic carries an electrostatic charge, or that the silver wants to attach itself to anything organic. I am considering installing a glass tube that will be inserted through the lid and attached to the airline outside the lid. I am also considering installing an air valve to control the amount of air being pumped into the water at bottom of quart jar. Currently, I've sealed the end of the plastic airline (tube) that is submerged to at/near bottom of jar. Near the end of the sealed airline I poke a needle hole so that only a thin stream of air bubbles can escape and rise to bottom of lid. I have not, as yet been able to determine the exact purpose of air being pumped into the distilled water as CS is being made. But, it obviously stirs the water allowing for the silver particles to move away from electrodes and thus not create, or at least reduce the clumping effect. I've seen the impeller stirrers, but as far as I am concerned these devices would likely be nightmares to clean. Note: During the many tests conducted in which no air was pumped into water I discovered both plus and minus benefits.

I also discovered that pumping no air for 1st hour of making a batch helped to speed-up the process. But, this type of action requires my memory to function, so I have long ago abandoned this procedure. As a safety matter I make sure that the air pump is mounted above the glass jar so that in the event that something unexpected happens that the water cannot be siphoned back into the air pump and thus cause an electrical short circuit.

Prior to starting a batch of CS I use the laser light to predetermine if there are suspended solids that will create a beam of light. If no beam shows then I can feel reasonably assured that the distilled water has the bulk of contaminates removed. In addition, by using this laser light I can quickly monitor hour by hour approximately how fast CS is being generated. After a few batches experience should allow for a reasonable reference to compare results before, during and upon completion of making a pregnant solution of CS.


After making sure that the lid is firmly attached to jar (finger tight) I plug in the power unit and air pump to the AC wall outlet or a power strip such as is used for PC's.
Every hour I monitor progress by checking the pH, water temp, current flow, and the size of laser light beam. Once I am fairly confident of the overall procedure I seldom monitor every hour, unless I am conducting another test. I do however, keep an eye on the amount of air being pumped to make sure that the same amount of air bubbles from batch to batch are as near the same as possible. And that the air bubbles are not rising in between the electrodes to interfere with electrical current. In addition, I also make sure that the airline is not touching or in between the submerged electrodes.

Room temperature and how much voltage is applied are major factors as to how fast a batch of CS is made. I've found that my 6V transformer at a room temperature of 72 degrees F requires approximately 8 to 12 hours to make a quart of CS. Similarly, using the same power supply, but at 76 degrees F the time required is about 6 to 8 hours. Likewise, using a 9V transformer at 76 degrees F only 4 to 6 hours are required to complete a batch. Oddly, with all situations being nearly identical each batch takes different amounts of time to complete. I am unsure if these differences are due to barometric pressure, phases of the moon, or something else? In addition, I've found that a heating pad can be useful to speed up the process; but at temperatures above 78 leads me to suspect a less than desirable outcome, such as clumping or too big of silver particles. Likewise, using a voltage setting above 9V might be detrimental in creating what I consider a desirable batch of CS. In a similar setting using 12V with the water temperature at 84 degrees F it only took 3 hours too produce a blackish colored water. When I microscopically examined the black looking water I found that the blacks were actually silver particles clumping together. Investigating this anomaly further I let this blackish water stand for several hours and most of the black silver particles settled onto bottom of glass jar. Clearly, this was not a desirable outcome and is a waste of silver.

During the period of time that CS is being generated and wanting to use the laser light I would first unplug both air and AC/DC power, detach alligator clamps and carefully remove the lid. It is noticeable that after several hours of applied voltage that particles of suspended silver will be seen beginning to attach themselves to one or both electrodes. Thus, if not careful when removing lid some of this silver will or may fall into the water. This is not a concern, because this silver will settle to bottom and can be thrown away or saved after decanting the majority of the CS into another clean glass jar. Furthermore, I usually switch the positive and negative position of alligator clamps before making a new batch of CS, which extends the life of electrodes and keeps them about a uniform size.


Upon completion I want to have a crystal clear batch of CS. But, also want the laser light to indicate a bold intense beam showing sparkles of the suspended silver particles that are too small for the naked eye to see. As said previously - it seems to me that the bigger the particles show a larger laser light reflection. When chatting with others who make CS some seem to prefer the Yellow form of CS. I do not dispute their desire, but it is not for me. The only time I inadvertently generated yellow CS was when I was using a brownish colored plastic container to generate CS within. I do not know, for sure, yet, if the plastic bottle played a significant role in making the yellow form of CS.

Originally, I chose to store my CS in 1gallon-glass containers that have a glass lid, but have subsequently gone to using the empty distilled water bottles. I have found that very little silver particles will attach to the plastic jug walls and seem to keep for months. Therefore, why go to the trouble and potential glass breakage when these 1 gallon plastic jugs work just as well. Besides, I’ve found that these tiny silver particles eventually coat the quart jar I make the CS with and will be forced to constantly clean the glass.

In my previous CS essay posted on another website I had about a hundred links to various CS related issues. But, in this revised version I have decided to not list these links, because anyone who wants CS info can go to any search engine and bring up all the data they desire. However, here are a few topics that deserve some time and a degree of clarification. Furthermore, to enhance understanding on all the various terms it would seem prudent to investigate each and draw conclusions based upon the amount of homework done. Should there be a desire to review what link I had previously posted they can be viewed here until I get around to altering this page too. Accu-Thump Web Site


In a 1966 American College Dictionary is says that a colloid is: "a gelatinous or other substance which when dissolved in a liquid will not diffuse readily through vegetable or animal membranes. Colloidal particles are about 10-7 to 5 x 10-5 cm in diameter, larger than most inorganic molecules, and remain suspended indefinitely. Unfortunately, this dictionary did not mention silver colloids or colloidal silver. When I turned to The Condensed Chemical Dictionary (969 pages, 1971) I was disappointed because there was no mention of colloidal Silver. I can only speculate as to the reason for such an omission.


When I started making CS I began questioning how clean or pure the water is or should be. I contacted one supplier and manufacturer to get data on what the distilled water contains so that I could feel comfortable using their water. I was astonished to see what the report indicated that was still a part of the store bought distilled water.

While doing a lot of chemical assays of mineralized rocks in New Mexico and conducting similar tests in Houston, Texas I used only deionized or triple distilled water. Unfortunately, here in the North Georgia Mountains the local stores don't seem to know of these two types of water. Thus, for the time being I am relegated to using this semi-pure water. Another issue regarding triple distilled water is that it may cause the production of CS to slow way down due to the water not having a rich source of contaminates to initiate the electrical current between electrodes. Nevertheless, I have to find a source of this purer water to see for myself what test results will yield. When I was subsequently in TorC, NM, where water is an issue I bought a lot of triple distilled and deionized water and found that this water did not slow down the process of making CS.

I use distilled water to wash my hands and all parts of the generator prior to making CS. Consequently, I consume a lot of this water to make a single quart of CS. Therefore, I try to always have on hand at least a couple three gallons. I've also discovered that the pH level of the store bought distilled water varies from 5 to 6 which has an effect on conductivity and time required to make a quart of CS. Even the purest water I have found has a pH of approximately 5.5 to 6.5, so is still on the acid side, and this may be simply due to generating carbonic acid from CO2 in the air.


To my knowledge there is nothing pure and I know of no one being able to make anything 100% pure.

Usually, bullion is stamped with a purity status. Yet, I find these purity marks confusing or subtle with abundant misunderstanding as to what exactly these marks (.999, 999, 999+ and 9999) are meant to convey. I used to assume that when I saw .999 on silver bullion that it meant 99.999%. Similarly, when I was confronted with three nines (999) without the preceding dot that it meant 99.9. From what I can now gather from a variety of sources .999 equals 99.9% and .9999 equals 99.99%. But, if .9999 equals 99.99% then how can four nines without a preceding dot equal 99.99? Obviously, either something is out of whack or my thought processes are still chaotic.

Apparently, my logic is faulty, because what I once took for granted is now a huge question mark. Now it seems that I must use all my mental gymnastic ability to comprehend what the refiners and mints are challenging me to assimilate within an already burdened mindset. Evidently, designating purity with the pure language of numbers is absolutely mystical. Nevertheless, as far as I am concerned the only thing pure about these stamped numbers is the quantity of unalloyed ambiguity.

Coincidentally, while I was wrestling with this problem of nines I picked up a common household spray disinfectant. I read on back where it will kill 99.7% (ninety nine point seven percent) of the germs listed. Of course, this language of numbers when combined with a decimal point and a % sign does not stipulate how long the spray disinfectant must stay in contact with each critter. Nor, does it indicate how much of this disinfectant must bathe the germs. And, if this was not enough, their pure numbers do not state how long this spray will remain just as effective after leaving the bottle. Worse yet, it does not indicate what percentage of germs will find their way back onto the table within a few minutes of spraying. When reading this uncontaminated language on many other spray cans I am struck with what appears to be a purposeful play on words that stops short of outright lies. Could this be intentional or just typical hype we've all come to expect and regrettably accept?

Consequently, I began re-examining all my silver bullion. To my disappointment many of the rounds and bars stamped with three nines did not have a dot in front of the nines.
Then, I said to myself, if I allowed myself to be fooled so easily about purity, what else have I done to pollute my thoughts? After balancing my triple beam scale I began weighing all my bullion 1 oz silver rounds. Another surprise! Although, the silver bullion coins were not proofs nor uncirculated they were in pristine condition. And even though no visible signs of wear was evident there was some weight differences.
Barnum & Bailey said something like - "there's a sucker born every minute". Clearly, I was one of those foolish enough to fall into this in-your-face ambush. I can't shift blame from myself for NOT seeing the obvious, but I can warn others to never assume anything and always beware. So, even though my thinking process is probably tarnished I am not trying to paint a bad picture about those who refine silver. In fact, where would we be without these Noble metals that refiners have allowed us to have and hold? All, I can say is to make up your own mind as to what is accurate or not.

Years ago, I visited a man in Texas who was reclaiming silver from photographic paper and x-ray film. He reclaimed the silver by the time-honored process of fire and then subjecting the dore bars to acid digestion and electrowinning, which was again subjected to trial by fire to produce bars of molten silver. What I found highly unusual was his practice of hand stamping 9999 with a dot before the nines on each poured silver bar that was not subjected to any kind of assay.

To not belabor this subject to death here's another question that haunts me. If a 999, .999 or a 9999 silver coin weighs exactly one Troy ounce, yet has impurities how can there be one troy ounce of silver unless the coin weighs more than an ounce. I realize that in the production of bullion coins there will be irregularities regarding actual weight. But to allow for simple-minded folks like me to assume that the implication of both weight and purity is what is stamped on each coin are accurate begs refinement.

Years ago I heard that some of the major bullion refiners intended to or were going to be putting taggants in silver/gold bullion so the metals could be traced back to the source of refinement. If this practice is an actuality, I wonder what % of these metal tracers are present, or if these tracer elements are radioactive? Furthermore, if taggants are present in silver bullion what kind of problems would or could these tracer elements cause when making or drinking CS? And in addition, when drinking CS made from so-called pure silver rounds (coins), what are the actual impurities and could they be harmful to health? Why don't the mints post on their web sites what the impurities are? Years ago, while reading about the Carson City mint making silver dollars in late 1800's I noticed where this mint supposedly produced silver dollars containing as much as 50% platinum. Heaven only knows what else was contained within these silver dollars that by law was to be 90% pure silver.

In spite of the reality that I consume normal drinking water that is saturated with less than desirable contaminates, when I add up the impurities in both the distilled water and silver bullion I simply cannot justify ingesting large amounts of CS. However, I do not have a single bit of skepticism applying topically large amount of my CS on my body. In fact if there was a practical way to bathe in CS I would.

Refining metals used to be an art and was often associated with alchemy. Today, fortunately, refining is a reasonably good facsimile of what we describe as science normally backed by a certificate. The term assay is a general-purpose word used to describe the percentage of a substance with associated amounts of lesser contaminates. Long ago I’ve come to the conclusion that just because a piece of paper from a laboratory says this, this and that - does not necessarily mean that the assay is accurate or complete. I've found that assays of the metal content of a rock can vary widely from lab to lab. Furthermore, it has been long recognized that hair samples taken from same head and split evenly and submitted to 10 different labs can produce 10 different results. No matter who conducts a so-called certified lab analysis/assay that is written on a piece of paper. So, keep in mind that humans are doing the work and are subject to all the frailties of humanity. In other words, assays are kinda similar to opinions, and everyone has one. If you doubt this - then go to 10 different doctors who have a certified diploma hanging on their walls and claim to have this or that ailment and see how many different diagnosis's are obtained.

Another friend recently sent me an email about purity. Basically, he said that if purity is not important then why are the chip makers so concerned about invisible particles of dust that can and will cause short circuits? This gentleman went on to say regarding clean room filtration systems: "once you've got a decent filter on the market, what happens? Your competitor buys one and copies it. So, how do you stand apart from your competitor? You advertise 99.9% efficiency. He then advertises 99.99% efficiency. You then advertise 99.999% efficiency. He advertises 99.9999% efficiency. You advertise 99.99999% efficiency. Now THAT's MARKETING." With the aforesaid I am forced to ask myself if this also happens in the bullion business?

If you anticipate making your own CS it might be prudent to purchase some silver within the foreseeable future, because there is no telling when silver will become prohibitively expensive or unavailable. I wrote this paragraph in 2002 and silver has about doubled in price since then and I can only speculate what this amazing metal will do in terms of dollars in the future.


Dust is the common ingredient found in each and every home, but what is it?. Prior to embarking on the CS exploration, dust was only a nuisance, but now I realize the threat that dust harbors, aids and comforts. Until recently I used to poke fun at women for always dusting. This female busybody activity seemed to suggest an inborn or hard-wired desire to be constantly rearranging the feathers of their nests. Fortunately, today, their house cleaning activities make perfect sense. I don't know how women know that dust is the breeding ground for all many of beast, but I will no-longer tease women for being stead-fast in their apparent instinctive understanding that a clean house is a healthy home.

These critters or vermin – mites in the carpet, between the sheets, clothing and on the body are to me like the rats that carried the plague, because these microscopic critters also carry bacteria that can be just as deadly as the black death was during the dark ages.

Surprisingly, ignorance of the microscopic world during the dark ages is not that much different today, despite the fact we all have access to microscopes that can see these beasts that prey on us all 24-7.


Even though I am convinced that introducing air into the distilled water to assist in making CS is beneficial I am forced to speculate as to whether or not the air bubbles are causing or creating unknown chemical reactions with both water and silver particles? In time I hope to resolve this question, as well as learn what the correct amount of air injection is best. According to my pH measurements the introduction of pumped external air is, surprisingly not causing the water's acidity to escalate due to Carbon Dioxide.

As clean as I try to be I have not yet developed, other than an in-line filter a way to keep the pumped air free of contaminates (dust, smoke particles, grease from cooking, etc.) that might affect the quality of my CS. Due to the huge quantity of air borne particles and resident bacteria present in any home, I guess the best way to reduce this threat is to install several of these small filters that come with a aquarium air pump.

Fortunately, I don't have any cats or dogs, but my body sheds about 50 million dead skin cells each and every day. So, part of the dust in any home is made up of these cells. I can only speculate what percentage of floating dead cells from man, beast and multi-legged critters (roaches, flies, spiders, etc.) inhabit the air within any home?

I am not an environmentalist, in fact, I think those who claim such distinction are likened to unwanted dangerous bacteria that I prefer to avoid, but I am concerned about the quality of air I suck into my lungs. If I try to keep my body clean, it only makes sense to try and keep the air where bacteria roam from reaching down into my lungs. Hence, I am working on a method to incorporate CS into what I call a room scrubber.


From dust we were created and to dust we return. Believe it or not our bodies require all the elements to sustain life. Some would have the ignorant believe that there are bad metals. This type of thinking is pure nonsense. I agree that any element in the improper dosage or amounts of exposure under certain circumstances can have deleterious effects on health. Likewise, the lack of one or more elements/metals can be just as devastating. While we exist within this narrow range of dust to dust it is incumbent upon me to make intelligent decisions as to how I should touch, eat, drink and breath.

The creator gave me all I need, but it is up to me to determine how best to maintain this state of healthy dust. Because our foods are not homegrown and usually lay on shelves stacked like cordwood in a mausoleum I choose to take supplements. I cannot prove that I am healthier nor have I taken the time to see if these supplements are what they are claimed to be. But, to my way of thinking - not having the entire spectrum of both fundamental and trace elements interacting within me, as the Creator intended is tantamount to being ludicrous.


I've found after multiple dozens of tests that a 72 degree F water temp is the minimum to make a quart of CS in a reasonable period of time. As far as I am concerned a water temp of 76 - 84F seems to be ideal.

I despise cold weather and cold rooms. Yet, it's not always economical to heat the house in the winter months to what I consider to be ideal for making CS. Consequently, to make CS at elevated temperatures I began using the typical heating pad that is often used to ease aches and pains.

Because, I am still investigating the potential of elevated temperature ranges a decent thermometer is required. Fortunately, I already had a thermometer from my days of cooking rocks to extract presumed goodies. Nevertheless, and even though I felt sure that this mercury filled thermometer was as accurate as I could possibly expect I still checked to see if the temperature was the same as other gauges I have.

Recently, I went to the local drug store, then onto every other store trying to locate a standard glass mercury filled oral temperature gauge. None were to be found. I did find lots of digital gauges, but the range of temperature was only 90 to 108. I finally located a baby thermometer (glass/mercury) but it too was calibrated from 90 to 108. Obviously the wacko environmentalist's are up to their favorite pastime of changing the world to suit themselves and to hell with everyone else. It's simply amazing how many of us managed to get old without consulting these EcoElitist's when we wanted to measure temperature by using the old standby mercury thermometer. I also suspect that these GangGreens will move to ban CS like they have done to most metals that made this country and our bodies strong. Anyway, not wanting any further mental frustration I resorted to a search on Google to locate a decent sized mercury thermometer. To my surprise the green hounds of hell have just about banned mercury thermometers nationwide. Out the first 100 sites I found only the two listed below that provided a real honest to goodness place to buy a glass/mercury thermometer. Fortunately, I found a more convenient way to monitor the water temp by buying a fish aquarium temperature gauge that adheres to the outside of the glass and seems to be reasonably accurate.

Bacteria & Disease

Whether or not CS can attack and kill viruses is at the moment, for me, academically irrelevant. I am far more interested in getting rid of and keeping away harmful bacteria, which obviously has or can have disastrous effects on over-all good health.

As far as I am concerned, if CS can get rid of bacterium/funguses that cause rashes, pimples, sores, inflammation, infection, smell, etc., then I am all for it. I simply don't care what anyone may think of me for using CS. After-all I am only seeking a little bit better quality of life. Think about it - what's improved health worth? And, if I can shed some of these critters that are responsible for most of human health problems then I'd be a fool not to use CS, regardless of what anyone thinks or says about CS. As an example – if I was bite, which I have been, by a poisonous spider I’d be quickly dowsing the damaged area with CS. Would CS be for the poison injected, probably not; but, what about the unseen inhabitants residing within the spider’s injected poison? For me, and without reservation – CS is the only remedy, it has saved me from potential agony, and maybe even from the surgeons scalpel that would have cut-out the infected area.

When I consider what the consequences are for allowing colonies of infectious bacterium to propagate on my body it becomes too horrible to contemplate. Thus, to avert potential disaster I consider it prudent to not only bathe daily and wash my hands regularly, but to use CS liberally all over my body. Like I mentioned previously, if I could find a way to economically bathe in CS I would.

Sometimes there's a lot of chitchat surrounding the dangers of silver. While there is no doubt that some forms of silver have superb germ fighting capacities it does not mean to indiscriminately use just any kind of silver to wage a battle against these unseen varmints.

Due to my experience with silver in molecular combination with other minerals, also known as rocks, I've had lots of occasion to directly make, use and contact Silver Nitrate & Silver Chloride. Both of these two forms of silver are not only poison, but will almost instantly turn the skin black upon contact. Although each of these two forms of silver have limited medical functions, I would never ingest nor intentionally contact the skin with these forms of silver in a concentrated format.

With the above two paragraphs in mind, and as previously mentioned because I have deep concerns about whether or not CS discriminates between the good and bad bacteria residing in my intestines I don’t ever drink any of what I make. Although when brushing my teeth, washing the mouth or gargling I do swallow some CS, but have never found this tiny amount to be troublesome. However, I have read where people who do consume a lot of CS daily will also supplement their digestive track with the bacteria "ACIDOPHILUS". The reason being is that CS kills the good digestive tract bacteria, causing for some people constipation so they go to the health food store and purchase the bacteria that makes the bowels function properly. For now, I choose to not expose myself to this circumstance.

Yellow Versus Clear

Although lemons and oranges are fruits they nonetheless taste different. Correspondingly, we all know that brown, black or turbid is not as preferable to drink as is crystal clear water. In fact, murky colored water is immediately suspected as harboring invading pathogens. Unfortunately, what comes out of our faucet may not be as pure as we assume, hope or see. In fact, usually what we drink is full of suspended or dissolved solids in a clear solution. For instance, if you have a laser light simply shine a beam through a glass of fresh tap water and see for yourself just how full of STUFF it really is. The question is - how many tiny creatures lurk in our clear water, just waiting for a chance to invade our temples?

Obviously, a clear liquid is not synonymous with purity. Example: I can take an ounce of silver and dissolve it in a 50/50 ratio of water and nitric acid and it will be as clear as any distilled water. Yet, if this same mixture is swallowed an agonizing death will most likely result. Therefore, any solution appearing to be pure clear water could be very deceiving. Thereupon, I had to ask myself - what are the odds of maintaining good health by drinking a colored CS?

Apparently, some to many people believe that a yellow CS is preferable. Although I do not dispute this mindset, I am forced to ask - compared to what? Thus, and based upon my own research I choose to avoid any CS that is not clear and as uncontaminated as practical.

One time, while conducting a CS experiment as to what type of container would be acceptable I inadvertently made a batch of yellow CS. At first, and while scratching my hairless head I did not understand what or why this event occurred. The only thing different I had done from previous employed methodologies was that I used a brownish plastic jar that had previously contained dry coffee creamer. Needless to say, I threw this container away, but did conduct a couple microscopic examinations to better understand why this event occurred. In addition, I let this solution set for a few days to see if anything settled out of solution, but no change to color or flocking was observed. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that the pigmentation within the plastic somehow was leached or that the plastic created an electrical charge causing the CS to undergo a color change. Please note that I am not saying for anyone other than myself to not use yellow CS. Furthermore, because I have only made yellow CS a couple of times, and have never used the battery method of making CS I must in fairness reserve judgment till another day. Nevertheless, and based upon my past and present comprehension of silver chemistry I strongly suspect a clumping effect with a yellowish solution, and/or possibly chemical complexation with both silver & distilled water contaminates.

Side Effects & Disposal

Sometimes I forget that there are always two sides to a coin. Similarly, as I was taught and continue to believe - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, one can't have one without the other. So, as smart as I may think I am - there can be and usually is unforeseen or unintended consequences for my actions. Therefore, I seek to minimize the downside or negative reactions to whatever is initiated, including making & using CS.

It's a well known reality that some, perhaps most, or maybe all pharmaceutical prescribed drugs used to treat the infinite number ailments humans acquire have adverse reactions. Therefore, in my not so brilliant opinion, I would rather seek safer alternatives than consume prescriptive drugs that will have definite known and unknown outcomes. Usually, when someone has pain he/she seeks relief by visiting a PRACTICING medical examiner (doctor). But when I contemplate such an action I usually shudder at the thought. In fact, I am one of those people who seeks to avoid traditional medicines and doctors like I would the terrifying AIDs dilemma . Yet, in spite of my fear of those who PRACTICE medicine, there are times when these practitioner's are lifesavers or pain relievers. Because medicine and pain march to the same drummer, and since I don't enjoy pain be it physical or financial I have chosen CS to assist in my quest of sustained health. And, so far, after a few years of constant use this mindset has been a pleasant experience.

Here's another provocative issue - by using CS am I becoming too clean? Or, will eradicating harmful bacteria from my body create a need to never stop using CS? In other words - will I become addicted to or become afraid of ceasing CS applications? I simply don't know, but hopefully, in time definitive answers will arise. So far, the good out weighs any potential bad and ugly.

While on the experimental road of making batch after batch of CS many times I knew that what I created was either of questionable value or simply not as good as desired and had to be discarded. Those who believe or know that CS attacks and kills harmful bacteria also realize that CS may not, and probably does not discriminate between good and bad germs. Therefore, I would not suggest throwing good or questionable CS down the drain. I sure don't want to chance upsetting the anaerobic bacterium living in this underworld. Therefore, I simply discard any dubious CS out the door. Surprisingly, several plants have begun to grow where I've thrown my CS. So, it appears that at least weeds like it.

Weights & Measures
1Troy oz = 20 pennyweights or 31.1 grams
1000ml = 1 litre
1litre = 1000ml or 1.056 Quarts
1litre of water = 1000 grams
1mg = 1/1000 of a gram
1 Quart = 2 pints or 32 fluid ounces
1gallon = 4 quarts
1ppm = 1mg/litre
1mA = One thousandth of one ampere pH - parts Hydrogen or a measure of acidity or alkalinity or the measure of the Hydrogen Ion Concentration.


Two Electrodes are required to complete an electrical circuit to generate CS. From what I can gather, it seems that CS electrodes come in all manner of design and size. I tried making several designs, but due to my desire for simplicity, ease of handling, and securing each electrode to a lid I settled upon the current configuration.
Not only do these latest cast electrode satisfy my demand for simplicity, performance, efficiency and ease of cleaning, but has proven to last at least two years, and this is making from 1 to 3 quarts practically every day. Like I said, I am a hog, for I use it with abandon like there is no end of this substance.

The size of my cast electrodes are: 1" wide x 3 1/8th inches long x 18 gauge thick. The area exposed to water is 2 1/8th inches x 1 inch. Each cast electrode weighs approximately 23 grams, but no two are exactly the same weight due to casting irregularities and my cleaning away the investment residue. To cast one electrode requires 2 ounces of silver, where close to half the total silver is consumed in the sprues and frog/button.

Lid top with electrodes and nuts installed. Click Here


Because I like to investigate and monitor the CS as it is being made I decided to purchase a couple different metering instruments, which included a digital readout & a sweep needle screen to check AC/DC voltages, conductivity (Ohms) and fractions of amps. I wanted to have some understanding as to what was happening throughout the entire process. By knowing what the power supply was actually putting out, as well as how resistive the water was before I began making CS I could watch the conductivity increase hour by hour and eventually establish a completion point.

Because the CS I make works well for me I have decided against purchasing a pH and ppm meters. Both of these instruments can range from $100 to over $500 each and usually both require calibration.

Lost Wax


Practically any shape can be made using this ancient but effective technology. There are plenty of www sites illustrating this technique of duplicating practically anything.

Pending Experiments

The number of experiments I've done was not only time consuming, but too long to explain here. However, I do think it incumbent of me to list a few of those I have done, with the possibility of adding more later.
When I began this adventure I consistently conducted microscopic examinations at least of every 3rd or 4th batch, to make sure that what I was making remained both constant and uniform. After the 1st year, I pretty much quit these examinations, primarily because I became reasonably adept at visual checks, knowing what I wanted, as well as recognizing anything out of the ordinary.

I've attempted a few microscopic checks to see the killing action of CS on known microbes like those found in a box of Rid-X. With a lot of experiments I have concluded to my satisfaction that CS does indeed destroy bacteria and the action of CS on microbes is amazing quick. Again there are www sites that have in the past shown this action and I assume there still are some or many explaining why the electrical activity of these iddy-bitty particles of silver are like bullets in the heart to these microscopic monstrosities.

After making several batches of CS some roughness on the electrodes surfaces will become noticeable. This is due to the particles of silver being ripped off the surface on one electrode as they seek their way to the other electrode. Again, this is a reason for shifting the polarity of the electrodes to maintain a uniform thickness and not wear one electrode out before the other. The following photomicrographs show this pitting, as well as a crystalline structure that develops on one electrode if the polarity is not changed regularly. This picture shows not only the gaps between the solid silver crystals, but the crystalline structure of the surface of this electrode. The color is wrong, my camera acts crazy most of the time and instead of snow white there is a reddish brown tinting.

Pictures of crystalline structure of an electrode
Charged   Charged

10K magnification - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -20K magnification

Charged   Charged

30K Magnification - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 40K Magnification

So far I have been unable to get a decent photomicrograph of these silver particles, because they are just too small. When some CS is dried on a slide all that shows up is a brownish ring stain that my microscope digital camera does not have the resolution to capture. This picture at least demonstrates that what was crystal clear did have these silver particles and there is a small clump that the fast drying process produced.

Dry CS

For what it's worth - I intend, when I get the time to make my next silver electrodes as pure as I possible can. My plan is simple, but not at all sure it will work. I never met anyone who has tried this idea, and I have only partially completed this endeavor. Basically, these will be the steps for my proposed purification process for my next set of electrodes.
1. Place the bullion in specially prepared bone ash dish, and subject to 2000 degrees F to drive out any Lead, which I always find in bullion, no matter how pure it is claimed to be.
2. Dissolve the bullion in nitric acid and water.
3. Centrifuge to drive any insoluble metals, such as gold and pgms into a cotton collector at bottom of glass tubes.
4. Convert the silver nitrate to a chloride and reduce to metal with steel wool.
5. Fire the tiny resultant balls of silver into a large bullion bar.
6. Repeat steps 1 through 5.
7. Instead of casting I’ll pour molten silver into a 6 inch long steel mold and carefully attach the threaded bolts to electrodes by almost melting the electrode end and bolt end so they merge as a single unit. Of course there will be no bonding agent that would be a contaminate source. This last operation will require some skill because the melting and freezing point of silver is within a very narrow heat range, but jewelers do this and the silversmith has assured me he can accomplish this without causing down the road troubles. I most likely will not have finished this till around May or June of 2006.

Most of the impurities I have found in so-called pure silver bullion was gold and one or more of the Platinum Group Metals. However, minute amounts of many or most all the other base metals could or will be present in any/all so-called pure silver bullion. Anyone can test their bullion for lead. Simply, remove a small piece from the bullion. Place this small chunk of silver on a bone ash cupel. With a propane torch flame heat the piece of silver and see the yellow stain created and when the yellow quits a brownish stain will emerge indicating that small amounts of silver are being volatilized.

Although stomach/gastric (HCl) acid will not dissolve silver I do not know, yet, what may happen in the stomach to the microscopic particles of CS. I have to presume that the gastric cocktail combined with all the colloidal minerals within food(s) that some kind of complex catalytic action can or will occur. If this is accurate then these tiny pieces of CS could very well be attacked and dissolved by stomach juices. Therefore, until I am a bit more assured I will continue to only occasionally sip a small amount, but lavishly spread CS all over my torso.

Practically everyone knows that a solution of 5% sodium hypochlorite will kill germs. Most people use this same store bought disinfectant (Clorax or Purex) to sterilize or kill critters in the home, under garments and bed linen. But, even though the sodium hypochlorite kills most of the unwelcome varmints, just as soon as floors, countertops, clothes and linens are dry and used critters creep back. So, I began to speculate - what would happen if I washed my pillow linens as normal, then dry, then rinse in distilled water and finally saturate with CS and let dry? I did this little experiment and I found that there was definite new smell, but cannot say how effective this experiment was. Although there's nothing wrong with this kind of test I nonetheless need to determine when bacteria start to re-colonize my pillowcases so as to understand how long the CS remains active.

When I read reports about infectious organisms such as methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus that can linger on bed sheets for days, or on computer keyboards for weeks just boosts my desire of removing these beasts from my vicinity, and the only cheap way at my disposal is CS.

Another unfinished crude test produced interesting results. I took 30 coffee filters and poured 1 quart of my home brewed CS through them and let the filtered CS drip back into container. Upon completion I microscopically (100X) examined the 1st filter and noticed a few silver particles. I then examined the next 10 and last 5 filters under the microscope. I could not see any evidence at 100X & 200X of any silver particles.

One day, don't know when, I will vacuum through a 5-micron glass filter a quart of CS and see what remains on the filter. Then, I'll expose the same filtered solution of CS to a HNO3 digestion and then add Reagent grade HCl to precipitate out AgCl, which will give me a pretty fair idea as to how much actual CS was not only smaller than 5 microns, but the total amount of silver in my CS.

When making CS a residue forms on the electrodes. One electrodes will accumulate this brownish gray looking stuff that hangs and looks like an awful, ugly old man’s beard. I used to think this was garbage and would throw it away and try to avoid making this crude looking fluff. Now, I encourage myself to make a bunch of it. The reason is that this is accumulated tiny particles of silver. And, I have found that it is especially useful for placing on sores wherever they might be.

On the other electrode a black slime will form. I am not sure yet exactly what this is. I keep meaning to do some micro-chems on this black grunge, but just never seem to get around to it. I suspect that it is primarily oxidized silver, along with minute amounts of impurities that reside within the so-called pure silver.

Another fascinating event has occurred 2002, which deserves a thorough study by someone smarter than me. A few friends here in the North Georgia mountains recently came in contact with the dreaded poison ivy. Naturally they broke out with multiple irritating blisters. After a couple days of terrifying itching and the oozing sores getting bigger and not getting any relief from the store bought ointments they proceeded to dab CS on these horrid blemishes. To their surprise CS stopped the itching almost instantly. And, within a couple days the lesions faded away and dried up. My question is – does the poison ivy plant or its resin (urushiol) harbor bacteria or fungal spores? If not, then why does or how can CS be of any possible aid to clear up the ugly effects of poison ivy encounters? I realize that urushiol acts sort of like a surgeon's scalpel, which can provide an open invitation to any and all bacteria, but in my opinion, does not explain why CS stopped the severe itching and dried up the ugly sores. Could it be that dermatologist's have failed to recognize that critters residing within the Ivy’s urushiol are the main culprits regarding the effects of poison ivy. Have the medical practitioner's failed to recognize the true nature of poison Ivy like they did with the critters causing common stomach ulcers? What I do know is that the people who have applied CS to the poison ivy wounds are happy with the results and are now CS believers.


Is Hydrogen being formed during the CS generating process? And, if so, is the Hydrogen creating a basic or acidic water condition? As stated earlier, the pH of 6 is the best I can get with store bought distilled water. Perhaps a nutural pH of 7 for water is not possible, I simply do not know. I do know that I will not buffer the water to get a pH of 7. Although I have not noticed a rising or falling pH during the process of making CS, I tend to suspect that Hydrogen is being liberated or generated but is not causing any kind chemical reactivity with either silver or the distilled water.

Lingering questions:

Upon completion of a batch of CS I’ve discovered I get a form of electrical output that I can measure on volt/ohm meter after all the silver electrodes have been removed. What causes this strange pent-up storage of electricity which slowly diminishes over a couple hours?

What is it about silver, especially the ions or colloids of silver that causes the demise of germs? Is silver’s ability to destroy pathogens the results of silver’s affinity to oxygen?
Anyone who has fooled with silver during assaying knows that silver will often spit about the time when it blicks or flashes at the conclusion of cuppelation. Also, at this instantaneous moment silver will often create an eruption of internal molten silver as it gives up the captured oxygen. Could it be that silver loves oxygen so much that it will scavenge any oxygen even if the oxygen is hosted by a microscopic varmint, or more likely as the colloidal particles make contact with a critter that because silver will be oxidized by oxygen that this oxidation process ruptures the cell membranes of the critter?

I sometimes read that CS’s ability to croak-off the tiny beasts that will eventually do us all in is due to colloidal silver’s plus-one electrical charge. It is this exchange of current that somehow destroys the critters and with as many silver particles as possible the better likely-hood that one of these silver bullets will find the disease causing agents.

On the opposite side of this anomaly there are silver resistant bacteria and apparently accumulate silver in their cells walls, causing some researchers to wonder if these critters might not be a source of mining potential? One of these microorganisms (Pseudomonas) lives in silver ores, which is normally toxic for germs, but this one apparently produces silver crystalline deposits. So, who knows all the answers to life’s continuing surprises waiting for the serious prospector to discover?


One of the mind numbing words I frequently hear is “I was taught” to explain the mental and physical activity or inactivity of the theoretically unchallenged intellectual capacity. But, I never hear the balancing side of this equation, which should be: I think, reason and question what I was taught.

Recently, with a dear friend, at a major Atlanta hospital who was visiting a brain surgeon, I had to relieve myself of body fluid and while visiting this chamber of odors I watched a cleaning crew swab thoroughly stained floors around the urinals. In amazement, as I kept watching this crew put the mop in and out of the dark, dirty germ filled bucket of water, that was never emptied, but merely swished around the floor, although had the purifying smell of pine needles they finally left not having at least rinsed with clean water. No sooner had this cleaning crew left when a young boy came in and relieved himself. I washed my hands, being careful to use the paper towel on the door knob and went back to doctor’s waiting room. By the time I had found a chair to sit in, in comes the young boy that had also visited the restroom and proceeds to also sit down. The difference being between this young lad and myself, was clear, for he was crawling all over the couch and allowing his shoes to be in intimate contact with where people sit and place their hands. Worse, yet, he was not satisfied to remain in one place, but had to visit several chairs and couches with his shoes. The point being, all the filth that was in the bathroom was now being deposited upon the items normally thought to be clean in a hospital waiting room.

Another indoctrinating point to consider is that although Doctor’s are often put on pedestals of infallibility, they too are nonetheless subjects the same frailties as the rest of us. They don’t always wash their hands and sometimes are not the cleanest people to be hugging or shaking hands with after they have picked their nose and scratched their ass, but we eagerly seek their aid without buckets of nasty sounding questions. Over the years I’ve sat and watched doctors have physical contact with multiple patients who have all manner of ailment that we would shudder to touch. Yet, amazingly we don’t mind the doctor touching our intimate body parts despite the fact he just touched someone else in same areas without gloves. If this is not bad enough, what about the hospital nurses who touch everyone and everything without using and disposing of gloves? It gets worse, but see no need to continue this line of thinking and questioning.

What is to be done in these houses where pain runs rampant? Reason suggests cleanliness at a minimum, but as I have demonstrated this is unlikely to be commonplace. However, there is one place that deserves to be the cleanest possible and this is the ICU, where life often hangs by a thread. I suggest, although expensive that these so-called clean rooms be made of silver. And by that I mean the whole room – walls, floor and ceiling that can be scrubbed to allow a fresh exposed silver surface too confront the legions of beasts that, if allowed will invade, destroy and consume the flesh.

I know my life is not worth a plug nickel to anyone else, but it is pretty precious to me and having this precious metal coating the exterior of the walls would help ease my mind that I might escape some of the ravaging beasts that lurk in these temporary quarters.

If searched online thoroughly enough one can find evidence that perhaps as much as 75% of emerging human diseases originate from animals, including Aids, Bird Flu’s and West Nile Virus., not to mention the mad cow, and mad deer/elk epidemics currently roaming our back yards. It makes me wonder why CS is not being investigated to curtail these potential disasters. For example: a friend gives CS to her pets when they exhibit aliments and has seen wondrous improvements, plus, saving her painful veterinary expenses.

Note: if silver was used in Pliny the Elder’s (Roman scholar and statesman) ancient world to dress wounds for faster healing I wonder why today’s academic, political and professional disciplines don’t embrace CS? Recently, I had to visit the horrid dentist for a bad tooth and I mentioned CS. The immediate response was – I don’t know what it is but leave that stuff alone! I wonder why such a mindset has infiltrated a healer’s cognitive reasoning processes?


For years I have read that CS should not be exposed to direct or indirect forms of light, especially sunlight. During my limited excursions into the realm of digesting silver with nitric acid in water I have found that the old chemistry books were accurate that silver nitrate should not be exposed to any light because photosynthesis or oxidation can and will occur. Therefore, to keep this acidic form of silver stable it is usually put in amber or dark brown glass bottles. But, CS is not a true solution like digested silver in HNO3/H2O is. Consequently, I asked myself why keep CS away from light sources? Could it be that some forms of commercial CS have been produced with acids? Nevertheless, I still wanted to know if the CS I make for myself would be altered by sunlight. So, I finally got around to producing a gallon of CS and filled two quart bottles with a new batch of CS. I placed one bottle inside a dresser drawer and wrapped with old clothing and the other bottle went outside to be exposed to the light and summer (7-20-06 to 8-22-06) climatic differentials, whereas the bottle in the drawer remained at a constant temperature of 75 degrees F. At the end of this 30 day trial and upon checking the CS bottle in the drawer there was no appreciable difference since being placed in the drawer, except some CS was attached to the glass walls and thus a reduction in the amount of actual CS in the water. The bottle outside had a very slight yellowish tinge and the laser light indicated larger colloidal silver particles within the water. I did not remove the CS from this outside bottle and clean the inside glass walls to see if this extremely slight amount of yellowish color was due to silver particles attached to the walls because I did not want to introduce any additional air. I returned both bottles to their previous resting places to resume another month long test. At end of the 2nd month (7-20-06 to 9-22-06) the conclusions are: 1) the bottle exposed to direct and indirect sunlight, as well as temperature extremes from 90's to 60's had build up of silver on walls of glass bottle which created the yellowish color, but when the CS contents were emptied and the glass walls were cleaned and the CS returned to same bottle the liquid color water as clear as the 1st day. 2) The bottle that was wrapped and stored in a drawer also had some, but not near as much silver clinging to glass walls. 3) Liquid was pipetted from each CS bottle and a drop of each bottle was placed on glass slides and gently heated till dry and examined microscopically, which indicated very little difference. 4) After both bottles were cleaned and the original CS poured back into each respective bottle a laser light was beamed through each and very little difference could be detected. 5) With this simple test is that I cannot rule out that sunlight and temperature differentials might cause some reaction to occur, but in this particular circumstance I am not concerned about using CS that has been treated in such a manner, assuming that sterile conditions were employed. 6) Prudent common sense ought to play a part of making and using CS and should a question arise I prefer to test instead of believing what may be written as fact.


Besides being concerned about drinking CS, spilled CS will cause stubborn stains to practically any surface. I’ve found purex/clorax will remove these brown to violet stains on porcelain and plastic & Formica counter or table tops

Additional terminology

For those who want too better understand what is going on while making CS these following terms should also be taken into account. Anode, Cathode, Electrocapillarity, electromotive force, electrical double layer, liquid junction potential, charge transfer overpotential, Prandtl Boundary layer, sacrificial anode, stress corrosion, throwing power, open circuit potential, depolariser, etc., etc.

The cost of items for the CS generator I use:
A. Glass jar & plastic lid ………………………………………. $1.00
B. Distilled water (1 gal) ……………………………….……… $1.00
C. Universal AC/DC (300 to 600 mA) power supply ……...… $15.00
D. 2 Alligator Clamps………………………………………….. $3.00
E. Aquarium air pump & plastic air line ……………….…..... $11.00
F. 2 Nylon Wing Nuts ………
…………………………………. $3.00
G. 2 Nylon ¼ threaded bolts …………………………..……… $3.00
H. 4 ounces of silver (@10.00 an oz) ……………………....... $40.00
I. My silversmith charges ……………………………...……. $20.00

Of course the above figures do not account for my time, gas money or wear and tear on vehicle to round up and assemble these items. Sometimes the silversmith gives me back the silver sprues and button, but not always. And, when these last configured electrodes wear out, there still remains about 1 ounce of silver in the threaded bolt and wafer thin electrodes.

In conclusion: I go nowhere without my CS or the ability to make it. And to assure this continued reality I am in the initial stages of building a solar powered CS gen-set that will also have rechargeable batteries, but not be totally dependent upon batteries.