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Stomach Acid and CS


The date is 12-03-06 and I have been using and consuming CS for about 6 years and continue to believe 100% in the magnificent pluses CS so generously affords me.

Although these images tell an incomplete story, they nonetheless do cause me to pause long enough to ponder the possible ramifications.


70x This image is dried CS within a well, which is a depression of a glass slide. I used this type of glass slide verses the traditional flat slide to better contain the CS to get better accumulations of the particles of silver. There are multiple rings and I simply chose these portions instead of any of the others.


70x This image is the exact same area as above, but with concentrated HCl added, which obviously caused some of the CS to become digested.


70x This image is not the same exact area, because I applied heat to the slide to come to a state of dry, thereby driving off the hydrochloric acid, which left several rings and this wide white colored solidified ring. It’s obvious that HCl reacts with these tiny particles of silver. I realize the distilled water, HCl and the silver electrodes are not totally pure, thus some contamination could be influencing this image. Nevertheless, when seeing these images I am concerned as to what might actually be occurring within my stomach when I allow some CS into my digestive track. I am not the least bit interested in making silver chloride in the stomach, for it is, to the best of my limited knowledge something best not introduced to the gastric track. Yet, to-date, I have had not the slightest spec of evidence that CS has been or is detrimental to my health. In fact, so far I am not in the least bit hesitant of my constant reliance upon this elixir for my optimal health.


70x Placed another drop of concentrated HCl on the previously dried HCl & CS and added a single tiny crystal of potassium dichromate to see if any silver crystals would form as I drove this acidic solution to dry. This image suggests that some digestion of the silver actually occurred and became silver chloride.

Note: I cannot focus on the entire area because this glass slide depression is curved, so I tried to provide the best over-all image this ccd camera hooked to microscope and computer will provide at this magnification.


70x This image is the result of adding a tiny crystal of potassium iodide to another batch of CS in another glass slide well, which indicates that the HCl did indeed dissolve the colloidal silver. Consequently, I am now convinced that my stomach acid will likely convert any and perhaps all the microscopic particles of silver that enters the stomach into AgCl. Now, the question becomes will this be harmful? I don’t know, but, caution. Is strongly indicated.

Over the years I have read lots of data regarding CS and have seen some articles indicating that CS does indeed become AgCl when exposed to stomach acid, but that the intestines, enzymes, kidneys and liver do some magic so that CS is not detrimental. However, because I am not mentally competent enough to ascertain the accuracy of such suggestions, but I have no doubts that all kinds of alterations occur within the digestive track. Nevertheless, I will make it a point to reduce my internal consumption of CS, for I think that it is better for me to err on the side of caution. With this in mind, I am cognizant of the reality that from birth till death that the foods I eat contain all the metals in colloidal form, which likely as not are also converted to a chloride state and to my knowledge the food has not caused any poisoning, unless being over-weight is the result metal poisoning.