A Christian/Messianic Medium Of Exchange


Chapter 1


A shout in the wilderness



This essay is offered as a starting point to consider the ramifications for a new Christian medium of exchange. Furthermore, it is my sincere hope that someone, who is talented at communication within the medium of words will consider rewriting the below so that it could be better understood by a larger audience.


History teaches that all empires fall into disrepair. There are multiple reasons for these usually awful episodes, but I believe the main physical culprit is due to what passes as money.  


Six major economic events always precede the demise of great civilizations. 1) restricting or stopping the trading of naturally occurring gold & semi-refined silver, 2) stamping idols upon refined pieces of gold & silver. 3) debasement1 by adding base metal to the precious metal coinage, which leads to 4) no Nobel metal coinage in circulation leaving only base metal coins, which ushers in 5) the rise and fall of paper money, and finally the ever present 6) love of money.


Based upon my research the first biblical metal money was naturally occurring lumps of gold and apparently refined lumps of silver referred to as shekels2. When governments (Kings) were instituted money became further sophisticated with images stamped onto both sides of coins. And, even though precious metals remain as civilizations come and go—money eventually becomes The People’s god. For living proof of the preceding sentence I offer this reality: don’t we willingly give allegiance to the source of our incomes?


A few years ago I felt beckoned to broadcast to all who would listen about fashioning a piece of metal that could be traded within the Christian faith. After this idea germinated and to this moment I remain astounded that no piece of silver or gold has ever been dedicated strictly to representing the Creator and the Savior. Oh sure, there have been numerous coins issued over the past couple thousand years that have had some semblance of so-called Christian symbols or images of Christ. But, these same coins also had a king or government emblem on the front side.


So, the question remains – why hasn’t the Christian community created a coin that could trade amongst themselves so they could be constantly reminded of their Creator and Savior instead of coins with an idol or king? Could it be that no one thought of such a concept? Or, is it possible that The People have always wanted an earthly King, Caesar, or government issued currency to place their faith and trust in?


I readily admit that for a long time I never had an idea of anything other than using government created money. Fortunately, I now have another way of looking at what I consider to be a fundamental flaw in what we who claim to be believers and followers of Christ choose to call just weights and measures.


Furthermore, let it be known that I am not finding fault with nor judging anyone in the public or private arena for making, accumulating or trading government issued money. After all, The People have the right to choose (allowed by YHVH & tempted by Satan) how existence will be conducted, which they do by their actions. Likewise, I choose to exchange mediums of trade I perceive that conform to Biblical scripture. Unfortunately though, at least for me this type of tradable currency does not exist. Therefore, in my humble opinion a way must be found to make a suitable Biblical pecuniary standard for those of the Christian3 faith. Can such a way be found and traveled? I believe the answer is yes, with the help of YHVH & Christ. I can only speculate as to what the ramifications or consequences might be if this simple, yet profound course of action is not implemented4.




1… http://www.mises.org/money/3s4.asp


2… My research indicates that an ancient shekel is equivalent to today’s ½ ounce of either gold or silver.


3… I use the word Christian to indicate anyone who believes in and/or tries to follow the ways of Christ as  

       indicated by scripture.


4… Luke 6:44   For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a  

       bramble bush gather they grapes.

       Colossians 3:17   And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving   

       thanks to God and the Father by him.






 Chapter 2




Since the crucifixion of Christ believers have not had a monetary unit that is reflective of either the Savior (Christ) or the Creator (YHVH)5. Therefore, I think it is long over-due that we demonstrate there is good gold and silver that does not carry images (idols) or words symbolizing any kind of deity other than YHVH & Christ.


Sadly, America coinage has always carried images and words illustrating everything other than a crystal clear message that these mediums of exchange belonged only to YHVH for The People6 to use. Consequently, I am forced to ask – why? Is it possible that money with images has always belonged7 to the state (Caesar) and was never meant to exemplify Yahweh? In addition, apparently the state always intended that money was never to be for The People, but only a means by which the state could control The People.


Oh, I know there are those vague words “IN GOD WE TRUST” stamped on some past and all new U.S. coins. Nevertheless, as I have explained previously8 it’s my opinion that these words have less than a clear undeniable meaning to enable me to place my faith & trust in.


Oddly, even though the KJV Bible so states, many Christians don’t or won’t believe that the master of deceit is the current prince of this world. What's more, I suspect that the father of lies has always had a hand in making what is called money? Thus, is it possible that America was never founded upon Biblical principles? To substantiate this seemingly preposterous idea, visit the numerous web sites, where it can be read that America entered into a treaty9 with Tripoli, which says in part: "Article 11. As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion…" Therefore, on the assumption this online version of the 1797 treaty is accurate would it be safe to assume that American money was & is not founded upon Biblical scripture10?


Is there any money anywhere that can pass the test of scripture11? Personally, I don’t think so, and yet US corporate money is now the world’s dominate medium of exchange.



5… I choose to use “YHVH” instead of the word “God”. I will devote more words to this subject in a later  


       Note: For further claification be sure to read what I included within the Inscription section in last



6… http://www.silver-investor.com/cs_jan04.htm

       A bit of history which I think clearly shows that the silver & gold never belonged to The People.


7… In my opinion the scriptures which say give to Caesar clearly speaks of money with Caesar’s face and

       emblems stamped upon the pieces of gold and silver. However, without these earthly images all gold &   

       silver is good and belongs to YHVH and gave it to man for good works.

   Matthew 22:21   “Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are   

       Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.”


8… www.accu-thump.com/book/igwt.html  an essay about the motto IN GOD WE   



9… www.cjnetworks.com/~ggarman/tripoli.html


10… Exodus 20:23   “Ye shall not make with me gods of silver, neither shall ye make unto you gods of gold..”

         Proverbs 20:23 "The LORD detests differing weights, and dishonest scales do not please him. ".


11… Because I am using my accu-thump truck tire thumper website it would seem appropriate for me, if I   

         am going to thump scripture I should do so as accurately as possible.






Chapter 3


Blissful Ignorance


A lot of water has passed under the bridge of time, but, there is now at least one generation in America, in fact the world that has never exchanged precious metal coins for goods and services. Can this be simply an accident after thousands of years of gold & silver coins? I personally do not think so. In addition, I have a sneaking suspicion that this is a necessary fulfillment of Biblical prophesy.


What has always been at the heart of trade? Is it not convenience, coupled with and honest weights and measures? Precious metals has for thousands of years provided a simple means to satisfy this seldom verbalized demand. But, being what humans are we constantly seek an easier way to conduct economic life. Hence, like we left the fields for city factories what passed as money changed from metal to paper, which also metamorphosed into plastic and mythical digits.


So is it any wonder why church-going Christians who ignorantly or purposely accept the Sun-god-day as the Sabbath also readily accept something other than scriptural money? In fact, ancient and modern Christian’s pay tithes with government money. Sometimes I wonder if these so-called tithes are not reality nothing other than camouflaged corporate tribute. But, why not, after-all modern Christians have full faith in this form of money. Furthermore, like it or not, the fact is that most so-called Christian churches today are government created corporations. Therefore, it is quite understandable why both silver and gold coin is currently considered a curious oddity that has no place in 21st century economic transactions.


All my life I have tried to avoid the ever-present crowd mentality. Yet, like it or not this mind-set rubs off. As a result, sadly, and all too often, when something awful happens economically like when the stock market plunges people act out the portrayal of crazed Lemming’s jumping mindlessly off a perilous cliff. Consequently, are we not also faced with a similar abyss if we who claim to be Christians don’t or won’t change our concept of what money is?


Even though we are all imperfect and ignorant we have been given the ability to seek and thus find. So and regardless of what the crowd does I prefer seeking the TRUTH, which I believe is none other than our Creator and Savior and His gospel Word.


Christians or follower’s of Christ12 go to church to study, read and hear the Word hoping to discover, and comprehend the Truth. Yet, when it comes to tithing the majority of Sun-day worshippers nonchalantly pull from their pockets something other than what YHVH said is good, honest and truthful. Why is this? Are we ignorant and blind? Or, do we not give a hoot?


I know that tradition has allowed the use of corporate (Caesar’s) money13. I also realize that we go along to get along. But, since when did two seemingly minor wrongs ever make a right? For this reason, I say again – why won’t or don’t Christians and their churches demand real money versus convenient synthetic corporate currency? Therefore, shouldn’t the Christian community re-examine what mediums of exchange are used to trade goods, services, tithes and charitable works?




12… I prefer to use the word “Christ” instead of Jesus. Furthermore, although I don’t say such herein, I

         now use Yeshua in place of Christ..


13… YHVH says at Haggai: 2:8 “the silver is mine and the gold is mine.”

         Question – When governments or Caesar’s stamp their faces, inscriptions, emblems, etc., on gold and  

         silver coins do these coins now belong to the Caesar’s? 



Chapter 4  


Mystery Babylon


Mysteries captivate the mind and influence the heart. For instance, is it not strange that money can make man do almost anything? Eventually, mysteries are what everyone can see, but seldom do? For example – if we could see the snake we would not get bit. In other words, the mystery is right in our face, but because it is in the face it cannot be recognized. Some people call this phenomenon the forest for the trees syndrome. For me this sure sounds like a definition for money.


I often read that “bad money drives out good money”. This statement sounds straightforward, but from my research and current position I have no choice but to believe that since the foundation of this country there has never been any Biblically good money. In fact, I am of the persuasion that what is called good money has and still belongs to an entity that has its roots in Babylon. Consequently, two questions come to mind – what or who is the entity and where is this mysterious place called Babylon?


All man made governments have a piece of paper testifying to the justification or legality for such an entity, that usually has a god-head or sovereign, which is often referred to as a King, Queen, Caesar, President, or Czar, etc., etc. This piece of paper becomes known as an Organic Act, such as the American Constitution. This organic14 body somewhere during its creation becomes known as a corporation. Incidentally, keep in mind that many a moon ago the scientific community classified humans as organic, whereas this same enlightened organized group of scientists saw fit to name the metals as Inorganic15.  Apparently, from my limited research scientists of that day thought of metals and minerals as lifeless and without structure, character or individuality. So, and needless to say, it would have been very hard for humans to form synthetic governments out of metals/minerals. Therefore, the organic (paper) entity 16 is the corporation, which can give birth to any number of lesser entities or organs, such as the Department of Transportation, the Environmental Protection Agency or the Bureau of Land Management, Department of Treasury, etc., etc., etc.


Now, I’ll try to advance to where and what Mystery Babylon is? In a feeble attempt to keep this deeply contested subject as simple as possible I’ll start by saying it is mammon17 in all its beastly forms. Mammon has been around for thousands of years and money is its name and resides in all the corporate states of the world.


Try this idea on for size and if it doesn’t fit throw away as you would any worthless garment. The corporate state can live forever and has been given legal personhood status. Now I ask you, by what authority does man have to legally create an organic state with an Act to be the same as man? If this does not sound like the Beast in Revelations I would be inclined to not wear for an instant the thought that Mystery Babylon and its demons (sovereigns) are the world’s banking system. Ask yourself this easy question: where can you go or what can you do to escape the clutches of Babylon? The answer in today’s world is – no-where and nothing! It has invaded into every facet of man’s world.


Ever hear the adage: “there’s nothing new under the sun”? Well, there’s nothing new about government either and the people love it. Not too long ago I heard a Baptist preacher say – “love it or leave it”. Is this a sound Christian ethic to expound from the pulpit, when scripture says we are to love our neighbor like ourselves and we are not to give allegiance to anyone or anything other than YHVH?


There are not many people living who have 1st hand knowledge of how money can become almost worthless overnight. Yet and besides the ravaging effects of insidious inflation could it be that what has faded from memory is about to revisit us all? What will we do if this awful event were to happen in the not too distant future? Will The People go back to the old tried and true (gold/silver), or will honest weights and measures remain forgotten?


Lot’s of people recognize that something is wrong with our system of weights and measures. A few have examined the current system and found it wanting and have initiated changes that reflect America’s past gold & silver monetary practices, including all the symbols. Heartbreakingly though, up till now I have not seen or heard anyone addressing the issue of Biblical forms of non-corporate money.


Perhaps I am babbling and no foundational change is needed. But, if Mystery Babylon is the great harlot who rides the mammon Beast, then perhaps we’d better hang on, because ready or not it’s round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows, except to say I doubt that we will like the results. 


What I am writing herein is not meant to be a remedial course of action to stave off the tragedies of a economic crash. However, by recognizing that money is what greases the wheel of the economic merry-go-round, maybe, before it hits the fan we will choose to not get soiled by reconsidering what good money is and is not.


Someday, we all will have to account for our actions. But, will our sacrifices measure up? What side will the Cain & Abel scale measure each of us? Ignorance may well be bliss, but when the reckoning day arrives I suspect that personal responsibility will weigh heavily towards a Biblical monetary standard.


Lot’s of people say they want to leave Babylon. They make all sorts of arrangements to hide out when the difficult times arrive by planning to take their money with them. But, if Babylon is the money with faces, figurines and corporate words stamped all over them how can they leave if they take Babylon with them?



14… Organic – This word apparently invented during the 1500’s. There are multiple meanings that can be  

         found in any physical or online dictionary, but in general means: “constituting law by which a  

         government exists”. CHECK TO SEE IF I REFER TO PERSON  LIFE


15… Inorganic – This word began its illustrious career in 1790’s. I will pursue this further in another  

         related essay.


16… What can live seemingly forever other than a synthetic demon that stealthily travels by way of

         corporate money?


17… Mammon – there are any number of sources one could use to define this controversial word, but I’ll  

         use one from  Webster’s New World Dictionary, 1989.

         “Riches regarded as an object of worship and greedy pursuit; wealth or material gain as an evil, more   

         Question: even though YHVH said that gold and silver was His, does stamping some kind of symbol 

         of ownership on gold & silver coins make these coins fall into a new synthetic authority?



 Chapter 5


Paradise or Hell


Since America left the gold & silver standard anyone found prospecting for and the mining of the precious metals could be considered as playing in a fool’s paradise.


Today’s miners dutifully go about excavating the scarce precious metals in the hopeful expectation that their rewards will be abundant corporate government paper. I find this to be both appalling and sad because exchanging real value for paper seems like such a waste.


For the past few years the spot price of precious metals has been rising and sparking renewed interest in mining. Although I am glad to see this industry being revived from a long deep slumber I am very suspicious of the paper king who is unlikely to go quietly to the bottomless pit.


Today, mining companies and investors say there’s money to be made as the metals rise in paper value. Nonetheless, I fear that they are being duped. For, from my vantage point all I see is it taking more and more paper to purchase the same items. Therefore, I fail to see how exchanging tangible reality for mythical assets is anything other than buckets of muck.


Since the middle 70’s I began to see the erosion of the entire metal working industry and became known as the rust belt. Of course millions and millions of associated jobs also vanished. This trend has continued and even though most can’t see the writing on the wall the signs are there in big bold letters – get ready, pay-day is just around the corner. The trouble is, I doubt that even those who believe in big brother and aunt nanny, as well as those who went along to get along will be pleased with what’s left of the American pie.


So, when the American dream becomes a nightmare will Christian’s cling to paper or metal? Will they beg for crumbs or will they find a new and better way to enjoy a Christian way of life?





Chapter 6   


Hounds of Hell



It’s a historical fact that whoever owns the gold and silver also makes the rules18. For a while, in the long gone American West a few hardy entrepreneurs had a short lived taste of liberty while digging the Nobel metals. Today, however, one often hears, or sees in the movies that the West was a quagmire of lawlessness. Consequently, laws & rules were necessary to govern these wild industrious men.


Wanna-be rulers then as now claim that the lack of order is bad and is the source of chaos. On the surface, primarily due to prolonged programming I would say what was and continues to be preached about laws is utter nonsense till I began examining their words. Just what are the old and modern day power brokers really saying? Simply, that if individuals were allowed to be free of Caesar’s rules then there would be no need of demigods.


Who financed the enforcement the spreading of laws? It sure was not the frontiersmen, for they fled Eastern ways in search of a new life where individualism was a way of life. Nevertheless, into the so-called chaos came an endless horde of finger pointing preachers. This begs the question is, as well as today – was and is religion an ORGANized tool of government? How many denominations are not chartered corporations?


The only way to control these wayward, rugged and self-sufficient frontiersmen was to brand them heathens, similar to what the Spaniards and U.S. Government did to native Indians and Negros. First, the Army set up outposts for future government control under the pretense of offering some degree of security to settlers. Then came what I term the Hounds of Hell – the sheriffs, lawyers, judges, do-gooders, whiners and naggers all of whom want your money to further their cause.


Once so-called order was planted, secured and generally recognized the gradual controlled harvesting of the natural resources began. Look at how easily the whiners and do-gooders stopped the practice of using water cannons to stir the dirt to get the gold. Believe it or not these were the same EcoElites19 that are with us today. Oh sure, these jets of water altered the ground, hills and mountain sides. But, man did not do anything different than nature does everyday. Nope, the behind the scenes screams and yells weren’t about scenic beauty, changing the landscape or causing streams and rivers to become muddy. Put simply – the power brokers did not want more gold in circulation, just as they don’t today. I used to listen to narrow minded environmentalists rant and rave to legislators that silver and gold was no good and that mining destroyed the earth. It was gibberish in the 1800’s and it is gobbledygook today, unless of course one subscribes to the belief in the wants and needs of the almighty corporate entity called government20.


Recently I was reading an article in the November, 03 issue of World magazine, which sorta sums up some of what I have alluded to and feel a part of this article should be placed here to describe the state of affairs we all find ourselves.  Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) There is no right but immanent right which is written down in law. The law is right, not because its contents are in harmony with the eternal principles of right, but because it is the law. If on the marrow it fixes the very opposite, this also must be right. And the fruit of this deadening theory is, as a matter of course, that the consciousness of right is blunted, that all fixedness of right departs from our minds…. That which exists is good, because it exists; and it is no longer the will of God, of Him who created us and knows us, but it becomes the ever changing State, which, having no one above itself, actually becomes God, and has to decide how our life and our existence shall be” (Lectures on Calvinism).” Does this not sound like this gentleman was talking about today’s situation? For the last 40 years I heard how government should or will be curtailed or downsized; but all that really occurs is that this entity, like any beast continues doing what it does best, which is: preying and devouring everything to satisfy its unquenchable appetite.


The corporate environmentalists say humans are out of control organisms and must be regulated so they don’t pollute and destroy the earth. By carefully listening to their own shrieks – it sure sounds like ratting on their selves, because if humans are merely organisms like any other creature then humans are just doing what any bacterium or animal does as part of nature’s plan. Yet, the EcoElites21 in their wisdom or arrogance claim that they alone know how to manage human affairs and aid nature, despite the fact that they too are human. Or, maybe some of them are not so human? Regardless of what and who the environmentalists are in the scheme of things, after a lot of soul searching it behooves me to say: forgive them Father for they don’t know what they are doing to their fellow man.


I never thought I’d be able to say anything kind to environmentalists, but life has been teaching me many a lesson. The biggest tutorial of all was when I began a sincere exploration of my past deeds. Astonishingly, I found that I was an expert upon breaking the 10 Commandments. In fact, when I really began scrutinizing my past works I realized that my abundant pride gave me the ability to rationalize and justify on the alter of self righteousness all my ignorant labors. So, now I realize that no matter how awful people can become I can not judge them. All I can really do is hope that they too will see the errors of their ways, make changes, repent and ask forgiveness. Maybe, being inspired and/or allowed to broadcast this coin issue is in some meaningful way partial compensation, or, perhaps a way for others to avoid some mighty dark marks.


It’s my belief that unless all Christian men who so are inclined should be allowed to dig the earth in any manner they choose so as to reap a harvest of gold and silver there can never be anything called freedom, at least till Christ returns. Oh I know there will be the rebuttals suggesting that men will rape, pillage and plunder the earth, leaving no resources for future generations, etc., etc. All I can say is this can’t happen, because earth’s resources are not as finite as naive people have been led to believe or that the controllers want people to believe. Oh yes, the multi-national monopolizing corporations are capable of making significant alterations to the landscape, but the believers in man’s government have their corporate laws & rules to guide them. Similarly, because Christians would try to follow the rule of loving one’s neighbor as thyself, most adverse situations would be avoided.


Basically, what I am saying is there cannot be real freedom without the means to be self-sufficient, and it is pretty darn clear that believing in government is not the way to finding or possessing a Christian freedom.

Furthermore, before Christ returns a Christian cannot be self-sufficient without gold and silver. After all,

man cannot serve two masters, it’s either using YHVH’s good gold & silver or the deceivers’ mammon.





18… Even though the Caesars of the world claim ownership of gold &silver coins, as well as all the  

         land – YHVH has always owned all the gold and silver, including all the land for it says at Psalm 24:1

         “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.” Therefore,       

         even though darkness pretends to make the rules, YHVH is the final judge and rule maker.


19… What I refer to as modern day Pharisees, but are really Secularist’s doing the corporate state’s dirty    

         work, which is nothing other than controlling everything man does with the land, so as to have   

         complete dominion over the earth. What biblical entity does this remind you of?


20… Scripture indicates that that at least sometimes it is right to avoid government rulings. For instance  

         Mary & Joseph went into Egypt to avoid the government decree that 1st born boys were to be killed.  

         Thus, they clearly disobeyed government edict. This one single Biblical fact destroys the arguments 

         that some suggest that government or the sovereigns of the states are messengers of YHVH.  These 

         same individuals also say that Christians are to obey Governments because Governments could not

         exist without YHVH’s blessings. Frankly, this type of logic sounds like darkness trying to weasel in

         on a tad of light. Sure, nothing, including governments could exist without YHVH. But, we have a

         choice, we can go along to get along or seek the face of YHVH and follow Christ’s teachings. So, till        

         I know better, I continue trying to not participate within the Babylonian empires that are likely to  

         keep existing till the return of Christ.



21… A term I dubbed years ago to describe the all-wise environmentalists, whose god is Nature, critters or  

         Gaia.  Take some time to examine what the environmental movement stands for, as well as their    

         stated goals. It’s a shame that so many well-intentioned folks have become the unwitting dupes of

         those who foster deception. Then again, there are those who truly believe that they know what’s best  

         for humanity and will do anything to achieve their goals, which includes any and all manner of  

         government control of natural resources which, believe it or not includes all human activity for man is  

         considered a resource or there would be no government department called Human Resources.




Chapter 7


A New Day



There’s a lot of ground that I have left untouched, but these buried and lofty places will have to wait the prospectors pick till another day. The whole point of the preceding chapters was to illuminate a path to this veiled place where common ground exists between believers in YHVH and the followers of Christ.


While gazing upon the monetary landscape it seems patently obvious that only a Christian coin can help guide the way back to freedom where Christ is King. Does He not say that His kingdom is at hand? If so, then how could we hope to hold His helping hand while grasping corporate money?


When one ponders the meaning of money it becomes apparent that we actually think in dollars. Could this be construed to suggest that our thoughts are anti-scriptural? I have a sneaking suspicion that darkness  continues to suppress the light of Christ by keeping our minds washed in dollars.


Sometimes I read that the US economy is managed by the ignorant or inept. I disagree. I suggest that those managing the dollar are marching to a tune Christian’s can’t hear, similar to Pan’s siren song of devastation. Believe it or not America is being over-hauled into a giant chop-shop. The future has been mortgaged and the note is coming due. This begs the question – what are we to do when it comes time to pay-up? I wonder what we will forfeit if we can’t pay? Could it be one’s soul? If I was forced to measure how one goes about the act of selling one’s soul I guess I’d start with what scripture refers to as usury or debt. Is not corporate money instruments of debt? Could this be what scripture refers to as mammon?


No matter how hard I try I cannot fathom how to change the system to anything other than what it is. I read volumes concerning economics, and to this day I have not heard or read of anything that could or would change the Hell-bent course America is adrift on. Recently, it was suggested that perhaps government would make Christian coins. What an ostentatious thought! Although, this seems highly improbable, perhaps it is not too late for government to change its idolatrous path?


Nevertheless, and in spite of present circumstances I do think Christian’s can chart a new course by using a new monetary compass that points towards Christ. Would it not be exciting to be new frontiersmen whose wanderings would help pave the way for future Christians? Wouldn’t it be a blessing to stop participating in a doomed system, and discontinue paying Caesar tribute for supervision and protection?


Christians know Christ is the light and the way. So, just as the moon was given to help control darkness perhaps we were also given silver, the whitest metal to light our way along the trail of trade where prosperity can be found. The secular world never appreciated Christ nor is it thankful for silver, which is like no other metal and does so much for man’s well being.


Silver has long been known to be poor mans gold, and for the moment while it is still easy to obtain it would seem to be a logical choice for a Christian coin. Besides, is there better metal that would constantly remind us of The Savior every time an exchange was executed? The trouble is – I don’t know if this embryonic concept has long enough legs to get off the ground, little alone go anywhere?


Man reaps what he sows and if he decides to live as a corporate citizen, so be it. After all he’s still free to choose. But, for those who don’t place their faith in what belongs to Caesar, then perhaps silver could nourish our earthly wants like scripture satisfies the mind and spiritual needs. As I stare backwards all I see is the paper snare. But, as I gaze towards the future I glimpse what life could be.


When Moses and his people left Egypt they plundered1 the wealth of pharaoh, so it’s no wonder pharaoh pursued them. Likewise, I would not be too surprised if modern day pharaohs won’t appreciate Christians trading with their own silver and gold coins.



22… Exodus 12:36   “And the LORD gave the people favour in the sight of the Egyptians, so that they

         lent unto them such things as they required. And they spoiled the Egyptians.” The key word in this     

         KJV scripture is “spoiled”, which means plundered, whereas pharaoh probably construed their actions

         as stealing.



 Chapter 8




Obviously you think for yourself and are not just another rung on the corporate ladder to be constantly stepped on, or you would not have made it this far. By now there are probably a few questions that have risen to the surface. Although I pose a few questions and possible answers it is my sincere hope that many will come forward to aid in this quest, and perhaps we avoid dead-end streets while attempting to flee Babylon.


Remember the saying – “its money stupid”? Well, money is synonymous with power for they go hand in hand. So, maybe we ought to take a serious look at really voting with our pockets instead of participating in a rigged game. Is it not about time to live free according to scripture instead of placing our faith in man made laws?


This proposed coin won’t launch us into Christ’s Kingdom, but I believe it is a step in the right direction. And, even though Moses led his people out of bondage, it took 40 years of wandering the wilderness to arrive at the Promised Land. So, under the present circumstances I have to wonder – are modern day Christians ready to shake off the shackles that bind them? Part of me says NO! While another part of me cries-out with – I sure hope so, even if it takes 40 years.


I look forward to your email comments, suggestions and ideas. 


The following questions are for helping to bridge the gap between what has been to what could be. There are many more questions that will have to posed and answered, but till most of the following are dealt with the others are merely academic curiosities. With a lot of your help and with Yeshua’s approval I look forward to implementing this concept of a Christian coin.


Questions & Answers



Q… Is this idea of a Christian coin sacrilegious or abominable?

A… I have wrestled with this question many an hour and so far I have not been able to discover anything

        anti-scriptural regarding a Christian medium of exchange. Nevertheless, I may be too biased and not

        pragmatic enough to answer this question. Therefore, maybe someone will see what I have failed to






Q… Should a name be stamped into the coin to declare what it is?

A… I have mixed emotions about calling this coin anything at all. Yet, I realize that coins have all had a

        name to designate what it is so that users can communicate within commerce.


Q… What type of unique and understandable name could or should be used for such a new coin?

A… Again I have racked my infantile brain and keep coming-up short.

A… Perhaps Shekel and Talent or a derivative should be considered because these words are biblical. Plus,

        these words are known within the Christian community and might make it easier for most Christians

        to not only use but recognize.


Q… Should a word describing such a coin be in English, Hebrew or perhaps Aramaic?

A… Each language has merit as well as potential controversy.


Q… Would a name stamped into such a coin have any semblance of idolatry?

A… This is why I have reservations about using any name at all. I suspect that any name stamped upon  

        such a coin could be construed to be idolism. Therefore, clarification and a lot of thought seems to be


A… Perhaps a scriptural name that is synonymous with genuine, authentic, real, valid, legitimate,    

        lawful, legal, official, etc., etc. could be found to reflect instant communicative acceptance between



A… This web page article indicates why naming a coin may be less than desirable.     





Q… How should value be established?  

A… I think the prudent approach to pursue would be to consult the Old & New Testament Scriptures.


Q… What was money in scripture?

A… Both silver & gold and was referred to as shekel. Brass also was used as a form of money.


Q… What was the Biblical exchange value between gold and silver?

A… I’ve heard it said that it was 10 silver to 1 gold. But, I also hear that a 16:1 ratio was the standard.


Q… What should the exchange value between the metals be today?

A… I am not sure. There are many variables to be considered, such as Biblical era standards or modern day   

       70 to 1 ratio, availability, acceptance and costs.

       The following scriptures might aid in determining current value:

       2 Kings 7:1 a measure of fine flour be sold for a shekel, and two measures of barley for a shekel

       Leviticus 27:16  “…an homer of barley seed shall be valued at fifty shekels of silver.”


Note: It seems that a homer is about 2 liters.

Note: American barley in the middle to late 1800’s was around a dollar per bushel. Whereas barley in the  

          1990’s averaged around $1.75 a bushel.

Note: Stone ground wheat flour  in the year 2000 averaged about $1.75 per pound.

A… Many variables obviously must be considered before settling upon what the value or worth of a single 

        ounce of silver in the form of a Christian coin should be.

A… I have a tendency to also consider utilizing what ancient and modern people would expect to be

        compensated for a days labor.  For instance: so-called common or unskilled labor in the 1800’s,

        such as cowboys, teamsters, ditch diggers, etc.,  accepted, but albeit probably begrudgingly about 1

        silver dollar per day. Yet, by 1960, just prior to America going off the silver standard common labor

        was averaging about 8-10 silver dollars per day. I realize that circumstances and scarcity of labor

        influence what labor was and was not paid. Nevertheless, I have chosen to use the so-called unskilled

        labor rates because it seems that it is the masses that shapes what the world is likely to become.




Q… What should be on each side of coin?

A… I realize that many English names of the Creator and Savior could be used, however until I know 

        differently, I am favoring the Hebrew name for YHVH to be placed in center of coin face Yahweh    

        and that the Aramaic name for our Savior be on the obverse face Yehushua  

        It is also possible that English, Hebrew and Aramaic could all be used, but would require smaller

        lettering, which could create confusion and make the coin appear polluted with too much information

        and thereby losing the appeal of simplicity.


Q… Should the lettering of the names be as big as possible or smaller in size?

A… I would think that the lettering used for The Heavenly Father & His Son our Savior should be as large

        as possible, so that when one feels a coin that these letters instantly communicate exactly what is

        being touched.


Q… How thick or thin, should the raised or indented lettering be?

A… It  would seem logical that raised lettering would wear, whereas indented lettering would remain

        almost exactly as originally stamped and still easily communicate what is being felt. Likewise, the

        names should be as wide as possible, yet staying well within the perimeter of coin edge.




Q… Should all lettering be in upper case?

Q… Should YHVH be indented or projected?

Q… Should Christ be indented to reflect coming out of YHVH and within YHVH, or projected?

Q… Should any other set of words be small lettering, but in all CAPs like is stamped into US Coinage?                                                                

Q… Should there be any additional lettering, such as: weight, purity and value?




Q… What should the basic shape of these proposed coins be -- Round, Square, Rectangular, etc.?

Q… Should there be a different shape for silver, gold or brass?

Q… Should one metal be thicker or thinner than another?

A… If the metals are made from purified stock, which is then rolled to pre-specified thickness the coin

        blanks will naturally be larger or smaller, thicker or thinner due to specific gravity differences.


Q… Should there be a smooth, serrated, raised or notched edge?

A… There are merits to both sides of this issue.



 Types of Metals


Q… Besides using a silver should gold also be employed?

A… Yes, a gold coin should be utilized.


Q… Should any other metal be used for coinage?

A… According to scripture Brass and perhaps Copper was used.


 Physical Size of Coins


Q… What should the physical size be?

A… Most likely the silver and gold coins would be similar to dimes, quarters, 1/2 dollars and a silver



Q… Is there another equitable method by which to divide each metal into differing weights?





Q… What system of weight should be used: troy or American?

A… To avoid confusion and controversy I see nothing wrong with the Troy system. However, Scripture  

        had a different system so I would tend to think that this method of Talents should be seriously

        considered. However, using Talents could cause confusion.


Q… Should the silver and gold be contaminated with a base metal or precious metal to aid in hardening the

        metal for longevity?

A… I have mixed emotions about this. Scripture seems very clear about this issue.

        Leviticus 19:36   Just balances, just weights, a just ephah, and a just hin, shall ye have:

        Deuteronomy 25:13   Thou shalt not have in thy bag divers weights, a great and a small.

        Deuteronomy 25:14   Thou shalt not have in thine house divers measures, a great and a small.
         put this under church

        Deuteronomy 25:15   But thou shalt have a perfect and just weight, a perfect and just measure shalt   

        thou have:

        Proverbs 11:1   A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight.
16:11   A just weight and balance are the LORD'S: all the weights of the bag are his work.
20:10   Divers weights, and divers measures, both of them are alike abomination to the LORD.

Note: A couple years ago I made a brass coin with the raised inscription YHVH on face and indented Christ   

          on the other side. Since casting this brass trial coin I have carried it in my pocket and have not seen

          any appreciable wear. I also carried a .999 silver bullion round in my pocket with this brass coin and

          have seen no significant wear on the pure silver or brass. Therefore, which is contrary to

          conventional wisdom I am of the current opinion that the purer the coin’s content the closer to the

          Truth each coin would be, as well as conforming to scriptural demands.


Q… Should a weight (1/10th, ¼, ½, & 1 oz) be stamped on each coin?

A… Visual size of each coin could be enough, but for clarity and avoiding confusion it would seem to

        be preferential to have a designated weight stamped into the coins.




Q… Should a date be stamped onto/into each coin?

A… There is merit for doing this, but there are also reservations.

Q… Would this constitute man’s rein over the metals and thus form a possible idol image?

A… I doubt that a date is a requirement.





Q… What is pure?

A… In man’s world I feel that purity is very hard to define. For instance, if there are 999 parts of a   

        statement that is TRUTH and only 1 part in a thousand that is not Truth then can it be said that the

        statement is true? In my way of thinking anything less than pure is where Satan dwells.


Q… How pure should such a coin be?

A… The only scriptural reference I have found regarding silver purity is that it is to be tried by fire seven

        times. Perhaps, someone has done an exhaustive study on how silver or gold was purified for money  

        in old/new Testament times.


Q… Should purity be stamped on each coin?

A… Rather than stamping a series of nines (999 or 9999, etc.) it seems to me that each coin should be  

        stamped – tried by fire 7 times.


Micah 6:11   Shall I count them pure with the wicked balances, and with the bag of deceitful weights?



Sources of Silver


Q… Should silver be purchased on the open market?

Q… Should a silver mining company, although probably a corporation be seriously considered for precious

        metal purchases?

Q… Should other precious metal purchasing options be explored, such as asking for silver donations?





        I personally don’t like organizations, because, eventually they have a strong tendency to become   

        Tainted, infiltrated or corrupted. Yet some type of group or rotating fellowship needs to be founded.


Q… How can a coin exchange within a Christian community be accomplished and thrive?

Q… Who should be in charge of making coins?

Q… Who should distribute and how should coins begin their voyage into the Christian community?

Q… Who should oversee that all requirements are met?

Q… Should this organization seek out Christians within the mining community?

Q… Who should be in charge of accounting?

Q… Will wages be necessary as this grass-roots organization takes hold, and if so where will this money

        come from?

A… Perhaps donations could be a source of initial revenue.


Q… Should a Foundation be created for a funding vehicle?


Q... Can or should a church be created to begin use of silver mediums of exchange?

 Q... If so, how could this be accomplished?

  Q... Where to start distribution?

   Q... Who gets the first coins?

     Q… How many coins made initially (100, 1000, 10,000)?

Q... What should the church or fellowship organization do with these coins?

Q... What are the potential benefits, such as gifts and tithes?





Q… How should any and all expenses be added into these coins?

A… Clearly, it would behoove this originating organization to seek-out fellow Christians to work at no

        charge, at least during initial stages of this new concept.

        Perhaps, initial benefactors could be reached to fund beginning stages of this venture.


Q… How should transportation and distribution of pre-refined and final refined silver be handled?





Q… Who should the refiner be if not a fellow Christian?

Q… How should quality control be ascertained?





Q… Who should design coins?

A… Perhaps a Christian working at a mint?


Q… Who would pay for this original design?

A… Perhaps a fellow Christian who has art talent or who is employed at a custom mint.


Q… Should an in-house stamping operation be considered or left to a mint only?

Q… Who should buy the original bulk silver?

Q… What mint should make coins?





Obviously for this concept to take root there will have to be put in place a way for all to participate within the Christian community. Most likely, concept nourishment will be isolated to begin with. But, with time and good stewardship a firm foundation would be set for others to follow.


Leaving Babylon and becoming self-sufficient will not be an easy task. But, history said it was done before, so perhaps, with YHVH’s aid and comfort we can do it again? This will mean that all trades, crafts and services will have to eventually participate in order to be able to leave.


There are many issues I have not begun to deal with regarding a silver currency within a Christian community, but till the main issues are adequately dealt with all other questions are academic.






Created: 01-26-2004



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