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All physical and mental activity orbits the pursuit of prospecting.

This site is a .com, instead of a .net or .org, because there will be items and services listed for sale.

Mineral prospectors are normally fiercely independent and usually not attracted to crowds, preferring both freedom and solitude on their individual paths of challenging discoveries. Therefore, this site is dedicated to all, whether just beginning or have been at the quest for a lifetime.

The purpose of silverprospector.com is and always will be a location where all can gather, yet remain isolated while sharing the commonality of an insatiable appetite of digging-up something new. Furthermore, it is my hope that every dedicated base or precious metal prospector who visits here will want to contribute some knowledge so that we all can prosper in what is usually a difficult too downright hostile environment. This shared information can be in any form – chemistry, pictures of rock samples, places to prospect, sampling ore, assaying techniques, submitting drawings, ancient or new maps, unique tools, ideas, essays and practically everything else revolving around the craft of prospecting.

With your help, this can be an exciting place to constantly visit.

Contact: Joseph Cummins