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We Welcome Your Art

Submit your drawings or sketches depicting what a prospector is, does or looks like.

All drawings or sketches accepted and posted herein will have the name of artist and contact information posted under the drawing or sketch.

The purpose of posted art work is to show the world who a prospector is and what the prospector does while engaged in the activity of prospecting for a mineral show and hopeful ore.

The young prospector is encouraged to submit drawings, because it is the young who will be tomorrows prospectors.

All artwork submitted will not be returned. Plus, all artwork submitted to and/or posted herein becomes the property of the proprietor of silverprospector.com. Furthermore, the artist who's sketch(s) or drawing(s) are submitted and/or posted expects no monetary compensation and understands that no fees or payment of any kind will be paid to any artist for any and all submitted or posted artwork.
All submitted art will be posted at the discretion of Silver Prospectors. Com.