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Health - the illusive facet of life that's here today and gone tomorrow.

Regardless of where and how terrestrial life begins the question eventually becomes – how to efficiently maintain the quality of life? Therefore, because past procedures have not been all that proficient I believe a comparatively new way of examining the issue of health deserves scrutiny. So, I’ll begin this expedition by saying that bodily health originates in and is sustained with dirt.

I doubt that anyone disputes that the elements are what we owe most of our physical existence to. Hence, all animal and plant health is a relationship of and with the earth, which is made-up of an infinite number of intimate element combinations.

The above should not pose too much mental anxiety, but this next belief – all elements are metals – will likely be questioned, challenged or thrown onto the garbage heap where all unsustainable nonsense and catastrophic confusion belongs. However, perhaps someone in the future will find it worthwhile to prospect this seemingly unfathomable, yet reflective thought. Regardless what happens with the aforesaid statement this terrestrial actuality will be explored further in the Biblical scriptures section.

There are countless articles written on health, but amazingly there's the assumption we must all think alike or have thoroughly prospected the same terrain and thus know where we each stand regarding what health is or is not. If this foregoing statement is not accurate then why is it that every 20 or so years we are told to believe something different about living a healthier life, such as eat this or that and quit eating that and this, to again find that all these no no’s are now ok. So, as a result of all the changing hype I have grave reservations about assuming anything the experts say. Thus, I am initiating a new approach for locating health, by positioning the following words in such a manner so they will cause mental hesitation – thought begets thinking, which instigates physical action.

Most people believe that thoughts originate in the brain and are independent of the body. Yet, by digging a little deeper it’s apparent that the brain’s physical mass is composed of a matrix of elements which sets in motion electro-chemical inter-reactions which initiates thought from somewhere within the interstitial positional voids of submicroscopic metallic atoms. Therefore, like the mind, thought is either physical or something ethereal resembling the abstract definition of health, which might also be synonymous with Light or the Word. Of course, thought itself may originate somewhere else, and I just pretend to think that thought is derived somewhere within the collection of brain cells, which gather into clusters of specifically ordered elements that are designed to function in a predetermined manner. Regardless of the speculative awe confronting this mental gymnastic ability, I’m left clutching the intellectual pick to expose cognitive comprehension as to how the metals relate to physical and mental wellbeing?

Modern scientific thinking emphatically advocates that life is based upon “organic” carbon, yet this so-called “organic” structure is bound-up with submicroscopic “inorganic” elements. Therefore, with this precept in mind it is not too difficult to conceptualize that if just one metal is removed from the soil or human anatomy, including the brain then what is called life would not exist in or on earth. Hence, it is not much of an imaginative leap to suggest that each and every metal is just as essential for health as is another, even though modern science has yet to indicate such.

History’s lessons suggest that we are destined to revisit ancient actualities, because, somehow they get lost in modern thought. This mindset of thought or the after-action of thought called thinking appears to be reinforced or justified with what I consider to be bizarre statements like – my parents did it or I was taught. Of course, remembering what was taught is helpful, but does not necessarily mean what was taught was correct, which suggests that a thoughtful person would try to reason out what, why and how thoughts are made and if necessary formulate changes of thinking so that personal thoughts can be generated, thereby initiating manifested personal thinking, which might lead to new horizons.

It seems to me that there are three facets of over-all health – Physical, Mental and Thought. Similarly, each polished faceted surface is independent, yet inseparably entwined and incapable of existence without the other. Therefore, for me health is not as simple as is commonly perceived.

Presently, in America there are two diametrically opposed beliefs, which ultimately reside within the dust that originated somewhere between nothingness and The Creator’s Word versus the secularite’s all-inclusive big-bang theory. Regardless what one believes or claims to know it is a fairly safe bet that dust produces dirt, which ultimately becomes soil, land and life. Therefore, it would seem thoughtful to prospect dust to discover its role in health maintenance.

Obviously, and without going into a long-winded clinical dissertation both mental and physical health are mutually co-dependent in order to sustain perceived normal health. Therefore, what is the link that maintains this delicate balance – is it the biological electrical-chemical transferences between cellular structures (mind) or the elements communicating (active thought) between one another (mind-full)? For me, it is clear that electrical activity would be nonexistent or severely diminished if a metal such as silver was a missing component in the cellular structure of brain or body. Consequently, each metal in an atomic, ionic or submicroscopic form is essential for thought and thereby all other facets of a healthy life.

A thought-filled mind might also deem reasonable that electrical chemical metal generated thoughts are co-dependent upon uninterrupted and accessible communication with each other. Yet, thought is not academically accepted as alive or a life-form even though mental and physical health is dependent upon cognizant thinking that only life seems capable of. Conversely, is it possible that the ego is so bulky that it does not allow room for insight or intuitive creative thinking that could suggest that metals are the originators of the thought process?

Concluding this segment and because the nature of healthy thought is now thoroughly understood, perhaps I can safely and without the danger of misinterpretation proceed to the physical (brain & body) aspect of health?


Believe it or not the mineral kingdom is the promised land of milk and honey.

Perhaps, at one point in time the land had the perfect ratio of metals for life sustaining health. Unfortunately, this is not the situation today and man must consult the metal’s powers if a good measure of health is to be assured.

It is becoming known that not only are the metals a gauge of health, but that life manipulates land and the land shapes life. So, to have a balanced equation man best learn the fundamentals the metals teach or suffer the consequences we seem destined to constantly keep replicating.

The land, whether flat, valley or mountain cries out for attentive excavation. Science teaches that wind, water, time and sun eventually change the land. This precept has a foundation, but would be a mute issue without life. Therefore and despite what the naïve environmentalists preach the land actually desires continuous alteration, which only the life forms (microbe, plant and animal) can apparently completely accomplish. Again this subject will be expanded upon in the scriptures section.

Whether we are aware of it or not – even the lowly microbes in combination with weather and time bring down mountain tops to rest as valleys. And, since the arrival of man upon the land the metals have skillfully enlisted him in this time tested methodology of moving mountains and extracting minerals, and if we fail to oblige this quiet demand we will be replaced and become another extinct species.

Until recently, we all took for granted that farmers would continuously grow exceptional succulent crops for our daily required nutrients. But, unlike what the ancient world knew and we forgot – the plant’s constant metal mining depletes the soil of easily available nutrient rich minerals necessary for any and all healthy life. Thus, to compensate for this ageless reality farmers would give the land a year of rest every seven years (Land Sabbath). Sadly though, in our modern, rush, rush, just-in-time world the land is under pressure to produce, but the underground micro-tillers cannot complete the task of freeing the locked-up minerals from the soil to produce healthy plants, which in-turn affects human health. As a consequence for our inability to read the language of the land, the plants we consume are deficient in health sustaining mineral percentages and we are now forced to supplement our nutritional needs with questionable packaged daily doses of vitamins and minerals.

Practically everyone now knows that the green color of plants is chlorophyll that is based on the metal magnesium that not only harnesses the sun's energy but performs metabolic functions similarly as iron does in human blood. For this reason alone it makes me wonder why we won’t accept the probable reality that all the metals play similarly important roles for life sustaining health.

As I see the lands’ plight, which we mirror and have been given the physical tools and mental know-how had better begin replenishing the soil with abundant quantities of pulverized rock that contains a balance of minerals, as well as giving the land an occasional rest, and, maybe even adding microbes to the soil, or be ready for unimaginable warnings. Of course we can continue our lackadaisical inattention to these unsightly details being quietly exposed at the waistline.


Time, life and health are mutually co-dependent upon one another. Without time life is and health are meaningless terms. Yet, abundant time does not necessarily carry with it health and life can be a living hell. Both life and time plays a part in health, but neither contains health. Obviously health is somewhere, but where?

In order to maintain some semblance of life-time health the average person’s 100,000,000,000,000 cells require approximately 11,000 gallons of recycled dinosaur urine and will make use of about 100,000 pounds of cast-off worm do-doo. With just a little thinking it’s patently obvious that everything is always in the process of being used over and over by the microscopic lives humans are totally dependent upon. These invisible life forms – the microbes – are both our benefactors, as well as our Achilles heel. However, if humans could determine the proper role of each metal within each cell perhaps the day of microbial reckoning could be stalled and the best health possible could be maintained.

Whether recognized or not, each metal has a role to play in the maintenance of good health. But, sadly most people don’t know what life sustaining metals look or behave like in the flesh. Similarly, many a mineral prospector has thrown away a fortune simply because lack of interest, rich ignorance or could not see each metal within a rock begging recognition. Likewise, due to ignorance we fail to recognize the importance of all the metals for health maintenance. Why we are not educated about the absolute importance of these life sustaining elementals is mind-numbing. And, to further complicate this mental perplexity the experts are forever changing the concepts as to what constitutes good dietary health. Oddly, health is sorta like wearing fashionable clothes – this year it is designer jeans only to become next year’s hand-me-downs. And, just as peculiar, eating is sorta like hard rock prospecting, because, all too often junk food (fools gold) replaces time tested diet (gold), and obesity (debt) runs wild in the fat of the land.

Continuing on this subject of food, I find it pragmatically interesting that the plant and animal meals we eagerly gobble up from the grocery stores is of dubious quality and likely of little nutritional value. I say this because of two fundamental reasons, which I offer in differing ideological formats, which ought to generate some mental uncertainty. The first is for agnostics, atheists and secularites: are genetically modified plants and animals providing the ingredients for long-term health benefits? The second is for those who believe in Torah/Biblical theosophy specifically relating to Deuteronomy 22:9 You shall not sow your vineyard with different kinds of seed, and Leviticus 19:19 You shall not breed together two kinds of your cattle; you shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, plus what is stated in Leviticus 11(not to eat – pork, clams, shrimp, lobster, crawdad, oyster, snake, rabbit, rodents, etc.). Because I too have eaten questionable foods I am forced to speculate upon the toll to my over-all state of health and contemplate how to improve upon what I have may have damaged.

If the health experts insist upon the art of professional practicing perhaps it might be wise to initiate new thoughts and begin taking the reins of health into our own hands? How many years ago was it that the war on cancer and heart disease began? And, what has been the result of this war upon these diseases? If clinical practicing is so wonderful why do 700,000 continue dying of heart attacks, or 500,000 deaths persist with the cancers? Is it possible that we might be better off re-examining how to utilize the metals in our diets, or continue enjoying the benefits of our present course of action?

When we consume meals don’t we grind the food by chewing and isn’t this pulverized food further processed by stomach acid, which goes to the intestines for the microbes to crunch into smaller particles? Don’t these microbes eventually liberate the metals, which become a whole host of special agents that are synthesized and transported by the internal arterial highways to be utilized by each cell throughout the body? We can recognize this is the physical macro scale, but what about the invisible micro-metal and the undetectable mental scales?

Regardless what flesh we eat, be it plant or animal are we not actually digesting a proliferation of intimately combined matrix of colloidal metals? With just the tiniest bit of coordinated thinking it is apparent that what we call food is merely the metals in an acceptable format conducive to health. Despite the fact we have been given eyes we seem to invite trouble by constantly failing to recognize necessary food stock.

As previously mentioned, secular science insists upon referencing humans as “organic” carbon based structures. Maybe these secularites anticipated bulging bodies, which American’s have adopted as a measure of visible health. Exactly why this conclusion was deemed and remains justifiable is mysterious to me when the human torso is primarily water and carbon is only, at best 18% of the total composition? Perhaps, there is an agenda being perpetrated upon a beguiled public that refuses to think till faced with a rude awakening?

There are well over 100 known elements on the periodic chart and science says most of these elements are unknown to inhabit the human body. Despite what the experts declare I suspect that it is more likely we have not constructed instruments that can detect the presence of all known elements (metals) that make-up the human anatomy.

I can see no point in devoting the huge amount of space herein for each element known to inhabit the human frame, because a serious health prospector will diligently seek out this information at the numerous www sites. Nonetheless, locating, excavating and mining online health data with the aid of a search engine requires only a few basics terms (periodic chart + human health + life processes + longevity + foods + disease + deficiency + acid/base + Immune system) is easy for endless hours of study. However, when I go prospecting online I try to not let the information fool me into believing everything I read is gospel. In other words I eat, digest, exploit the useful and excrete the waste.

Before concluding this particular section I believe heath problems are the primary consequences of the improper use of metals that began in infancy by well intentioned ignorant parents. Likewise, in this age of theoretical enlightenment and because we won’t prospect for metallic truth we continue magnifying the predicaments and remain mystified as to why all the ill health. The net result of our collective wisdom is that health is seldom missed till needed, but by then it is often too late to rectify the errors of the past. Yet, amazingly, it is never too late to learn that well grounded thought can lead to creative thinking to change how the metals are utilized, and thereby, maybe improve the aspects of any remaining health potential.

For me it is not the quantity of the days, weeks or years that I may have before me, but the quality of what remains. Therefore, if I fail to collect my thoughts and not acknowledge the role of metals it is certainly no wonder why these life sustaining elements won’t serve my desire of abundant health.

Finally, there is a common component in today’s quest of sustainable health that none of us seem capable of living without. This essential ingredient is called money. But, regrettably money is no longer what it once was. It has morphed into “organic” paper instead of silver and coincidentally health has become harder to sustain, little alone maintain. When we had silver in the pockets, even though it was less than pure it nonetheless provided a layer of protection between the hand and the microbe that is always present and willing to eat us alive because we failed to recognize how vital the metals are to mental, physical and financial health. Maybe, one day we will stop the all too common practice of treating our metal companions as ostracized step children.


Silver, like youth glistens, but age fades the body. Maybe, silver would remain metabolically useful if all the other metals were around to maintain silver’s luster?

Does silver play any role in living a healthy life? The short answer is an emphatic yes, and it is my sincere hope that secular science will discover the many tasks silver has been assigned for all facets of a healthy life.

Perhaps, silver’s first application was some type of ornamental use and thereby served to satisfy the health of the eye’s desire for beauty. Or, maybe this silver made the craftsman’s hands feel good, or just as likely this same silver improved the physical quality of the silversmith’s economic life. Furthermore, this silver and all subsequent silver likely contributed to the community’s welfare because it could be split and shared, thus creating the means of establishing and rewarding the division of labor. For thousands of years silver provided this actuality till modern thinking felt silver was no longer needed as a latent food stock, which has resulted in a cancerous debt sore that is slowly enslaving humanity. I don’t know what role freedom plays in securing health, but without silver money we are destined to find out.

There are plenty of web sites that claim silver has no known biological function and can only be detected as an infinitesimal amount in human tissue. In fact several of these same www sites shout that silver is toxic to the body. Yet, it’s well known that silver is the most electrically conductive metal known, but strangely these online sites remain silent as to how silver is essential in electrical cellular health. Consequently, my current position indicates that by abandoning the metals, especially silver we are jeopardizing this beneficial electrical activity, causing degrees of mental retardation and physical exhaustion.

In ancient times the Phoenicians knew if they placed silver objects in water and wine that

spoilage was significantly reduced. And, Pliny the Elder, a Roman statesman wrote that wounds dressed with silver healed faster. Similarly, early pioneers heading west would put pieces of silver in the water and milk to prolong safe drinking. Furthermore, in the 1800’s it was a fairly common practice to feed infants with a silver spoon and these infants were healthier than those who were not fed with such a tool. Some of these early American’s went to the trouble of making silver pacifiers because they could see the direct and proportional health effects of silver. In light of these historical realities why we no longer utilize these instruments of health is mind-boggling.

Fortunately, you must have glimpsed a flicker of silver lining to drape your thoughts upon, because you have overlooked my amazing ability to mangle the English language. So, due to your sincerity here are a few more intellectually rewarding gems to capitalize upon. It’s well known that silver applied to terrible wounds will kill or reduce the numbers of migrating infectious bacteria. Another similar use of silver is impregnated polyurethane catheters to reduce the risks of bacterial infections. For many years water purification systems have employed various concoctions of silver compounds as a bactericide and algaecide in hospitals and swimming pools. The bottom line is that Silver offers a huge array of health attributes, because bacteria have not found a way to develop resistance to silver’s amazing qualities.

In spite of all the bountiful evidence that silver is an indispensable metal in managing health there are those who claim silver has no redeeming value and should be outlawed. These same know-it-alls spit venomous accusations that the easy to make colloidal silver should also be banned because it will turn people’s skin gray and that any form of silver is not only bio-accumulative but is as toxic as mercury, lead, and arsenic. From my perspective this kind of poisonous rhetoric is designed to stop the use of silver because easy to make silver applications are not controllable by those who promote expensive pharmaceuticals. Yet, it is these same antibiotics that are the source of mutated micro-organisms, for which few clinical treatments can arrest. Having said this, I hasten to add that antibiotics are wondrous health accessories to battle the beasts that hide in plain sight, but a cure-all in and of themselves.

If the present day scientific community armed with their legions of sophisticated instruments cannot understand what a silver ion that is missing an electron does at the living molecular level then I fail to understand how critics of silver as a medicinal source of health can make such preposterous statements.

Today, there are all kinds of horrid flesh eating diseases on the rampage. One of the latest scares being the dreaded bird flu, which may become a world-wide pandemic similar to the Spanish flu during WWI. In the 70’s there was fear of a swine flu epidemic and the drug companies got busy concocting chemicals for injection. Many of my friends thought a syringe filled dose of with mysterious chemicals would provide them a measure of safety, but all I saw was a bunch of sick guinea pigs. I have remained suspicious of any chemically altered live or dead virus injection to theoretically cause my body to make sufficient antibodies for my immune system to fight-off a virus attack. As an alternative I have found that a little knowledge will go a long ways to fight off critters.

Not all that long ago the environmentalists and their critter loving brethren were often heard saying that “humans are a plague” or “useless eaters” and that 3/4ths of the world’s population should be exterminated. I have often wondered if it is mere coincidence that these human haters who have been importing their beloved beasts into all parts of America from around the world has anything to do with these flu outbreaks? If not, then how did spongiform encephalopathy – (a group of diseases which includes both chronic wasting disease in wildlife and mad cow disease, which can spread to humans) come to America?

Although I have no way of knowing if my CS will allow me to safely continue living life in the face of these emerging diseases, but I do know that CS has protected me against the constant threat of seasonal colds and a whole host of other maladies. So, with this success why should I not think that CS will also provide me some measure of health when the bird flu or mad-deer/cow killers comes a knocking? Hence, until there is something cheaper to make and easier to use I will continue utilizing Colloidal Silver to battle the hordes of microbes constantly invading the boundaries of my health status.

Lately, legislators have embarked upon an anti-smoking crusade, banning what people have been doing since before recorded history. The anti-smokers say smokers are terrible because not only do they destroy their own health, but they endanger the health of everyone nearby. I won’t argue that smoking is a sustainable exercise that has no consequences. However, if this anti-smoking thesis has any accuracy then I would have to ask what health benefits are there to breathing a neighbor’s breath? Is this activity one iota better than the smoke from a smoker’s mouth? Furthermore, how do I know that the emanating breath next to me is not carrying some infectious disease like TB or a new emerging exotic malady? Therefore, I suggest that because a smoker’s smoke can be seen and smelt that people can move away from this theoretically lethal environment. However, in my opinion the silent invisible pathogens not destroyed by cigarette smoke are likely worse than any smoker’s exhaled burnt residue. In addition, smoke from the mouth travels not nearly as far as the breath of non-smokers, so which breath is the more dangerous? This movement of anti-smoking sure causes me to wonder what the real agenda may be with this anti-smoking campaign? While on this subject, I have noticed that when I rinse my mouth with colloidal silver that the cigarette smoke residue takes on a totally different taste indicating that these tiny particles of silver have a catalytic effect on the smoke particles. Thus, if finely divided particles of silver can accomplish this feat I can only speculate what else silver may be doing to protect the human body besides whacking the infectious marauding microbes.

I have spent almost a lifetime of doing things detrimental to my physical body, yet, it has remained surprisingly adaptive and resourceful despite my wealth of ignorance and flagrant abuse. I sometimes wonder, as the end of the road comes into view if I would have behaved differently in my youth if knew what I now know? The likely answer to this unanswerable dilemma is – probably not. There are trade off’s in life and like it or not there is no free ride. Thus, even though I want my cake and eat it too, and try to perform this trick I am no exception to the consequences of my actions. And, likely as not I will pay the price for all my deeds regardless of how I may try to circumvent yesterday’s pleasures.

Nearing the end of an eternal subject, I was going to go to the trouble of showing how each meat (plant or animal) contains which metals (elements/minerals), but, upon reflection the primary purpose of this essay was only to expose the metals in such a way that the health prospector could get a slightly different view of how to approach the subject of health. So, now, with excuses put aside there’s no legitimate reason for not utilizing the slightly altered mental pick hammer to pry apart and break down the rock-hard data into manageable portions for mental absorption.

Winding down, I don’t know what is best for others, but for me there are three in my face, although largely invisible forceful essential ingredients for a sustainable cheerful life, which are: the Metals that allow my corporal mobile expression to reflect upon

In conclusion – there remains an unalterable certainty, which is – if the microbes don’t eat us alive they will devour our remains. In the end – no matter what – my health is directly proportional to how I mentally and physically treat this temple. YHVH - The Creator, and Yeshua My Savior

Joseph Cummins

Created: 2-21-06
Revised: 3-22-06

As an adjunct to the preceding thesis the following particles of alloyed data ought to provoke an open mind to additional screening of presupposed ideas.

Supposedly, sustainable health begins with food.

After our food (plant & animal) has been whacked to an acceptable size it enters the jaw crusher (mouth) and is pulverized so that these blended, wetted mineral matrixes can slide down the shoot to the acid tank (stomach) for further processing. After being emulsified the partially liberated minerals enter the intestinal conveyor for additional screening, clarification and anaerobic catalytic cracking where the refined compounds (molecular and atomic metals) are diverted to the appropriate cellular structures. And, as is as natural as nature the generated wastes are deposited in steams, rivers and ultimately the biggest containment ponds (oceans).

From my limited perspective – I find people and rocks to be amazingly similar, yet each is uniquely different. While no man is an island (we need each other) man needs rock for the establishment of a rudimentary society. Similarly, rocks need man to liberate the elements that ultimately become the tools used in an evolving civilization.

As occasionally mentioned in the prior essay there’s another fascinating part of this symbiotic relationship of rock and man—microbes, which inhabit both rocks and man.

Present day knowledge recognizes that microbes are part of the health equation. In addition, research suggests some cellular portions of our bodies are replaced every few days, whereas the entire human frame is totally replaced every 10-15 years via food, water and air. Yet, theoretically we humans remain essentially the same individual.

Depending upon which expert one chooses to believe—the human anatomy is composed of 10 to 100 trillion cells. And, that 30% to 90% of these cells are bacteria. Therefore the following questions:

Who or What is in charge of our mental and physical demands – human cells or bacterium? We know that humans respond to visual and physical stimuli, but Who or What initiates this stimuli?

Who or What is telling the body what and how much to eat? And, is obesity a function of human will or bacterial demands?

Where does the sentient/cognizant answer reside—man, bacterium or perhaps the elements that make-up both forms of life?

Finally, radical vegetarians claim that those who eat animal meat are ignorant, dumb and/or cruel. My question is—what’s the difference between the meat of animals and the meat of plants? Aren’t both life-forms that the Creator (YHVH/Yeshua) brought into existence?

Joseph Cummins

Created: 1-17-12